When Governor Faubus sent in the Arkansas National Guard to Little Rock it sent off a firestorm across the nation. Northern Liberals in the press went ballistic. They were utterly infuriated that the South dare to defy their omnipotent Supreme Court and their almighty “Rule of Law”. With Faubus sending troops to physically stop integration, a shock wave of hope went through the South that they were going to stave off the illegal orders of the Court. Many cities across Dixie were now intending to adopt the means of the Arkansas people. Pro-Segregation groups took to the streets and to Little Rock to support their Arkansas brothers. The Upper South seemed like it would solidify in its resistance as the Deep South was doing, thus creating a united Southern resistance to integration. The subversive liberals knew this and worried that the Southerners might actually succeed in stopping the destruction of their institutions and social homogeny. The rise of cultural Marxism would never succeed unless the South, the heart bed of liberty and true American values, was subjugated and undermined. So, they would weaponized their national press to create a manufactured outrage demonizing the Southern protesters. They whipped up the Northern and Western peoples of America against the “bully” Southerners who “wouldn’t be kind to the negroes”. They pressured so called “Conservative” President Eisenhower to get Faubus to capitulate, Eisenhower obeyed. In mid-September the Governor and President would meet in Rhode Island where Faubus seemed to soften his tone but asked the President for more time. To make it worse the press was spinning the narrative that this now was a national embarrassment and the foreign media was trashing the South. The media were trying to play to the rest of America’s hubris of looking good on the World stage. The soft Yankee people, for the most part, ate it up.


Faubus, upon returning to Arkansas, in a state of worriedness, called off the Arkansas National Guard. This proved to be a mistake. With only the city police to protect the black usurpers they were soon jumped and mobbed, giving the devious mass media rats the opportunity to create more of an “outrage”. Why shouldn’t have those protesters been aggressive? Their institutions were being invaded, their reaction was natural, and it was right. Maybe if modern Southerners had the same reaction you wouldn’t have massive hordes of invaders tearing down our Confederate monuments like they did at UNC. When the gullible and weak-minded Eisenhower saw the reports of the black students being told to go back to their own schools instead of forcing themselves on Whites, he called out the 101st paratroopers to Little Rock.



Eisenhower sent in the 101st with one intent, to humiliate and subjugate the Southerners. He did so to get the leftist pressure off his spineless back. From “The House of Lincoln” he addressed America where he referred to how the protesters were a “mob” and they must be stopped. He made it clear that the Supreme Court was god and that everyone must submit to whatever this court of 9 unelected black robed tyrants decided. He spoke of the constitution yet ignored the fact that segregation had been legal for decades before his adored courts decided otherwise. He spoke of freedom while he forced Whites to associate with those they wished not to. He spoke of anarchy yet there would be none without his Courts decisions. Such his federal boot boys were sent to Little Rock to crush the “rebels”, just as Lincoln sent his troopers, and King George sent his Redcoats, both to crush the “rebel mobs”. Thus, once again it would be the federal troops, not Germans, that would enforce true tyranny on Southern soil. The 101st came and march and occupied the Capitol of Arkansas. They put bayonets to the back of school children and beat up Southern workers. They marched through the city flexing their force on unarmed Arkansans with their smug faces topped with metal helmets. They were the true bullies and foot soldiers of tyranny not the locals of Little Rock. They stomped out the right of association just because some far-off Court told them so. These troopers were armed invaders. The response from Faubus though he condemned the force he admitted that he could do nothing. Sadly, Faubus failed to think outside the box. Faubus and the rest of the Southern leaders failed to seize the moment and do as their forefathers had done in 1861. He was merely trying to stall off integration and keep his people happy while he could, he lacked the energy and vision to lead what could have been a Revolution. They should have seceded because at that time their people would have followed them.


Instead they temporarily would choose the road of least resistance. Faubus ordered the schools to be shutdown if they could not be segregated. Thus “Mass resistance” was born. The main problem was that Faubus allowed his state to be dishonored by the Federal invaders for the sake of “keeping the peace”. What could have been the start of a second Civil War ended with an anticlimactic closing of Central High. The Little Rock affair came to a provisional close, but an example was set. The Upper South was in effect, backed down at gun point. The plague of forced integration had begun.

Rally at Little Rock

We are occupied, this case proves so. If we aren’t an occupied territory, why isn’t California getting the Little Rock treatment for harboring millions of illegals and breaking numerous federal mandates? It should have been clear to Southerners in 1957 that this was the case, yet most still held on to the dream of a United America. They fail to heed the example of their ancestors and thus they were eventually replaced. Central High is now only 29% White and 60% black, its your typical failing ghetto slum school. What once was a renown jewel of a school has now been destroyed, but that was the true goal all along, at least by the people truly pulling the strings. The goal was to crush White solidarity and destroy the Southern grip over their children. To do that they needed to add blacks who then would either flood and turn the schools into the next Obama elementary school or to appease the small black minorities in some schools, thus all Southern symbols would need to be remove to make these blacks feel at home. Hence, is why Southern communities no longer have the high trust and tight knittness we used to enjoy. The goal was to create as much mixing as possible with the blacks to create a lower standard all around for schools. All this has been accomplished. Just look at the average high school to see. You’ll now see chaotic classrooms instead of diligent hard-working students. You’ve seen teen pregnancies go up, you’ve seen teen drug use go up and on and on, you get the picture. While this all can’t be blamed on integration, it can certainly be blamed on the pushers of it. In the grand scheme of things those nine black students are irrelevant, which is why I haven’t even verbally attacked any of them or even mentioned their names, they were just pawns in a greater scheme. The true problem is that you’d have a system that would actually force them on unwilling people just because a self-empowered court demands such. The real problem was the Union and the people who control it. People who hate and despise the Southern people and seek to have us replace in the mission to have some equalitarian utopia of perfect equality. This is the problem and it didn’t go away after 1957, it only got worse and worse.


Looks like Occupied Terrority to me


Southern worker kicked around by US troopers




Southern men treated like meat bags
Smug invaders take time off to harass Southern Lady



 Central High Students 

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