The caravan is coming in. Everyone but the most zealous Trump fans know it, even President Trump himself. We saw the last caravan get in and so will this one, and then the next one and the next. President Trump is only playing a strong man by calling the military out but that is only for appearance sake. The military isn’t allowed to stop or even arrest these invaders, not unless Trump ignored the present laws or declares the caravan a national emergency. I really hope and would support him if he did, however President Trump doesn’t seem to be one who can ever make good on his bold claims. Trump even backed down from his tough talk of treating rock throwing “migrants” as armed combatants. Recent news has revealed that lethal force is not anle to be used… in specific situations… with an order. We all know that order will never come so it is basically useless.

There is really no excuse for this failure by the National GOP when they’ve had two years of control. They wasted those two years doing tax cuts which largely went to the rich billionaires hellbent on censoring Conservatives, and massive funding bills that went for Israel’s national defense, not for the wall we were promised. Now they’ll be softening the prison system with their main cheerleader being Kim Kardashian. “Tough on crime”? Failure! Trump is failing us. What difference does it make if our economy is doing good when we’re on the verge of becoming a powerless minority? You think your economy is going to last with a hundred Alexandria Cortez’s in congress? Because these “migrants” are going to become citizens eventually and they’re not going to vote for the GOP no matter how good we treat them.

Mark my word the Democrats will take the House and the Senate eventually at this pace. Just think about how close the races were in Georgia, Florida and Texas, we can’t hold them off forever when they keep dumping more Third World scum waves on us every month. Kiss all your rights goodbye if these caravans aren’t pushed back. I’m totally sick of the excuses given by MAGAPEDES. At this pace we don’t even know if Trump will win 2020 much less any GOP ran congress past that point. Wake up already! Embrace secession and Southern Nationalism! Just think of how a Southern congress would look like actually (assuming we don’t just do away with congress). No more Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Feinstein (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, or Sanders of Vermont. Sure, we have our scummy Representatives and Senators but that’s a direct result of being in the Union where are borders are utterly raped and local laws overturned. I’d rather have to deal with John Lewis and Doug Jones than Sanders and Miss Horse Face Cortez.

Even Southern Senators like Rubio (R-FL), Graham (R-SC), and Cruz (R-TX) have been strapping on a set since the death of McCain, a cosmopolitan carpet bagger. Are they perfect? No, but in a Free Dixie they’d be forced for political survival to become more ardent defenders of Dixie or face being replaced by a Corey Stewart. Without the shadow of the Democrats we’d be able to return to a one-Party region like we were pre-1948.

Some people would point out that “well there is a lot of good Northerners that are on our side”, and that I’d agree but why does that mean we shouldn’t secede? By seceding we’re not declaring war on everyone who doesn’t do so, we’re merely stepping forward and forging our own destiny. Our people need to stop thinking that secession now is treason yet somehow secession in 1861 wasn’t. We have far more reasons to secede than our ancestors did, way more. If you believe secession was right in 1861 then you should believe in it 10 times more in 2018. I don’t care how likely you think it is to happen, especially when you think we’re “gonna make Murica Great again”. What’s more likely? Making all 50 states great or secession? States like California are done for and we’re seeing the end result of year of degeneracy and rejecting God. Fire and destruction are the result. So, unless you want to see the entire South to be ruled over by cities of godless reprobates like Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta and Charlottesville, you better choose secession. Once more people openly embrace secession, whether they think it likely to happen the more actually possible it is to happen. Basically, we need to move the Overton window towards secession. Moving the Overton Window towards secession is way more likely than trying to get people to embrace ROWA or ‘Race war now”, rape gangs or “gas the Jews”… despite what some think. So, don’t tell me secession is impossible and that somehow means we shouldn’t try to achieve it. The dream of a United America is dead, we need to move on to something better.

They’re coming

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