In the wake of the synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh, the fringe (but growing) social media site Gab was temporarily taken down as concerns arose over the shooter’s Gab account. However, neither twitter or facebook were taken down despite both of them allowing jihadi and muslim terrorists to post on their websites. They didn’t even recieve a slight slap on the wrist. Gab however got a bit more than that and was put in a limited state for several days because it dare allow freedom of speech on its site. It was founded on that principle, to provide a place where all people can speak their minds no matter what regardless of how extreme their ideas may be.

The big media corporations won’t have it though. To them, all dissent must be suppressed. Why? Because they know our movement is growing and they aim to stop it and until they are barred from doing so by legislation they will continue censoring us and driving us off their sites. I imagine if it wasn’t for the media and all the money behind it our ideals and viewpoints would still be mainstream as most people would not have drunk the progressive koolaid of multiculturalism, diversity, and degeneracy. The propaganda of the media has been the singlemost determining factor of how far leftism has reached over the last few decades. That and “education” at least. Our movement likewise relies on new alt-media just as the left’s did in the 60s and 70s. That alt-media is coming but not soon enough so we must found, support, and participate in it. Luckily, the rightwing version of Youtube seems to slowly be gaining traction. Just like Gab, the video site Minds has been forced to establish its own free speech site for videos as Youtube and Google continue suppressing non-progressive views.

This cannot stand and since our government is unwilling to do anything meaningful in the fight against globalism and progressivism, we must do it ourselves. That means we cannot just sit around, being followers, we must keep growing the movement by founding more video channels, more social media pages, and more websites. Of all the popular southern nationalist sites out there, only a few are large enough to throw some weight around. We have millions of followers though, they just aren’t active. In order to utilize that following, we are going to need to keep founding websites and getting our ideals out there so that the censorship is outweighed by our growth on the internet.

Furthermore, many of the large media pundits that are able to really gain traction are all flawed in some way. Most are civic nationalists or like Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, have yet to leave the libertarian camp of things. If our movement is to grow to become mainstream, we have to continue growing on the internet. It’s our greatest friend even if it is where we are put down most. If it wasn’t for the internet nobody would have heard of Richard Spencer or Stefan Molyneux and the term “alt-right” wouldn’t ever have been uttered by anyone important. Just like in the 90s, our movement would have been restricted to underground groups deep in the woods that can garner no more than 50 people, most of which are lunatics.

And that is just not acceptable.


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