Georgia has barely escaped the fate of becoming the first black (socialist) ran deep South state since Reconstruction. Had only a few thousand White conservative Georgians stayed home on election day we might very well have been facing the total destruction of Georgia. Miss Gap Tooth had already put forth a bill in the general assembly aimed at confiscating guns or as she calls them, “weapons of mass destruction”. She plans to run again, but for now she’ll just have to grumble. Her Hollywood supporters however are spewing all sorts of threats at Georgia with bold proclamations that they’ll boycott the Georgia people for not voting for Abrams. Let them. As I said in 2016 over the Religious Freedom Bill showdown, I dare them to boycott our state, doing so will only save us the embarrassment of having them film their propaganda filth on our soil. We will never bow our knee to those West Coast slime balls. Georgia though is still facing a massive threat of outsiders, both from the North and from South of the border. The election itself was only so close due to the massive influx of immigrants that have flooded Metro Atlanta and spread the plague of Gib Me Socialism and false equality. While I hope Governor-Elect Brian Kemp will do his best to save Georgia, I doubt he will take the full necessary measures to do so. We must not fall into a state of idleness just because we have secured the Governorship. If anything, the governor’s election showed us that time is running out but that there is also still hope yet. This is why I fully advocate every true Georgian join the Georgia League of the South. We must unite behind a single banner and creed if we are to finally stem the tide of godless liberalism in our state.


That banner must be the banner of Southern Nationalism. A Free Georgia is what we need. I see only one group capable and dedicated and ready for that mission, that being the League of the South.

People might say “well they are a small minority of extremists” or “they make the South look bad”. Well to the first statement, yes, the League is “extremist” and for now is a minority of the Southern people. Being extreme however is a strength and a virtue, the weak of heart and timid of spirit rarely accomplish anything. The GOP can certainly attest to that.

As for the claim that they “make the South look bad”, well that’s utter larky. The South is hated for who we are. This false idea that playing nice and being a sappy compromising marshmellow to save our heritage is foolish. The tactic of being colorblind and not having “prejudice & hate” is what got us into this mess in the first place. Any society that lacks “hate” is one that doesn’t last long. Righteous hatred after all is a godly trait. We should hate the enemies of Georgia and the South, those who seek to destroy our people and history. We should discriminate against wickedness and uprightness; the Bible demands as much. The chieftains of the League know this and embrace this mentality, unlike the wimps that lead the GOP, which is why I fully advocate that Georgians join up. Keep in mind there are many ways that you can aide the League other than street activism, if you are unable to take to the streets of course. If we are to keep Georgia from falling into the hands of depraved and morally delinquent socialists, we must join the Georgia League of the South and embrace Southern Nationalism.
To find out more on the League of the South please visit their site at or

Here’s the Alternative if you decide to abandon your birthright, remember she’ll run in 2022

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