With the midterms several weeks behind us and certain senate elections like Montana, one must ask an important question in the realm of politics. Why do some states elect one democrat senator and one republican one even though both are elected by the same people.

I’ll spare you the long answer and drawn out explanation which you can find here but basically, moderates love to balance out their representation. Moderates typically are split between the parties so they occasionally vote against their own party to equal out the balance. This is why most states in the South have only republican senators as the number of moderates we have is low. Thanks to immigration from the north though, this is steadily rising.

The Democrat party has slowly become more and more anti-White though, to the point that I can’t think of any democrat worth voting for. They have become not just anti-White but anti-Christianity, pro-degeneracy. They are the party of gun control, open borders, socialism, welfare, forced integration, and crime. A vote for them is a vote for them and no matter what your views are on teacher pay, education, healthcare, or the budget, none of those things are worth voting for the death of your nation.

Do you enjoy being a safe majority in your town? Do you like that women are able to walk around safely at night? Do you enjoy the dispensing of justice? Are you against the handing out of your tax money to lazy dindus? Are you proud to be White? Are you proud to be able to exercise your 1st amendment rights? Do you enjoy owning guns? If you answered yes to any of those, you should be voting republican.

Northerners don’t care for all that though which is why the majority of split delegations are from Northern states. They would gladly throw that away so that teachers can get paid a bit more and so America may or may not get a working healthcare system. Ignore all the other aspects of things the democrats push. A vote for the democrats is treason to your people and (if you are conservative) to the majority of your values. It is treason to your ancestors as well. Northerners are too naive to realize any of this and won’t realize it until it hits them smack in the face.

Purple states are split. If all were red republicans would have a 64 seat majority

Any self respecting White man should not be willing to throw away his country for the sake of a balanced senate. Moderates though, are perfectly happy to do this. They don’t realize all the horrible effects their combined votes can cause should they succeed in electing a democrat and republican.

In this day and age there is no reason any state should be split. The parties are polarizing (that’s good) and one is going down a horrible path. Now what we must do if we are to survive as America becomes more diverse is convince the moderates to do away with the democrats at least in the senate. Put aside silly issues like healthcare and realize that your health will be much worse when you’re dead on the side of the road after an minivan plows you over at the hands of an illegal or muslim terrorist.

When the round table is broken every man must follow Galahad or Modred: middle things are gone

C.S. Lewis


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