For the last two weeks the national press has spent their time lambasting and ridiculing Miss Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was running for the Senate seat, for being a “White nationalist”. They really were determining to paint this poor woman as some backwoods redneck witch who was ready to rile up some lynch mob to reenact Emmett Till all over again. The lying press was keen to draw on Mississippi’s so called “dark past” of defying progressivism and “muh equality”.

At the end of the day though we saw that their attempts failed if not back fired. Hyde is merely your average Mississippi women from the upper-class who still respects her ancestors and the Mississippi people knew it. The wicked national press turned her into a neo-confederate Valkyrie, they foolishly thought that would make her lose in Mississippi. Nope, they love her now.

I’m not surprised, Mississippians have always been the strongest willed and defiant of the Southern people. Which is why they have been so villainized and slandered by the media. The negrophile press has always targeted Mississippi as the next testing ground for some sick twisted social experiment. You can really see the insidious hatred these people have for the Mississippi people, especially from the arch left-winger, who likes to larp as a self-hating White man, Tim Wise.


Wise has made it quite clear how much he wishes the Yankee government would have unleashed a genocide on the South in 1865 and handed over what is left to the Blacks. Keep in mind “Little” Tim is very well respected by the left wing academia and media. I’m glad he is so honest though, we’ve seen an explosion of honesty from the liberals in the media and online, whether on Facebook or twitter. By honesty I mean their true thoughts on the Southern people especially Mississippians. Our “fellow Americans” have been quite honest indeed when they make comments about what an “embarrassment” Mississippi has been. These transient Yankees want to utterly crush and destroy Mississippi and the rest of the White South. They would like nothing more than to see Mississippi become the next South Africa, genocide and all. You can really see how much hate they hold for Mississippi.

Picture of rally at Jackson, looks very much like SA

They hold the most wicked and distorted stereotypes up as gospel truths and thus to them Mississippians are just semi-barbarian rednecks who love to lynch whistling Black boys. We cannot tolerate such slander. Instead of bowing our knee or trying to disprove these brainless imbeciles we should respond with fire and hot truths. We owe them no apology nor excuse. We are proud Southerners!

Mississippians must remain defiant like their forefathers who fought so hard to secure their progeny’s future. Men like General Barksdale, Senator Bilbo, and President Jefferson Davis. Mississippi must take its destiny into its own hands like it did in 1861 when it became the second state to secede. It must secede once again, why not? The rest of the nation, outside of Dixie, has already made it clear how much they hate Mississippi. Why take such humiliation and disrespect? Why risk becoming the next South Africa? I plead and hope my Mississippi brethren will lead the way and embrace Southern Nationalism. We must once again put these haughty windbags in their place. Start by electing pro-Mississippi judges and police sheriffs and then state officials and then finally the Governor. Embrace your Mississippi history and identity to its fullest! You have nothing to be ashamed of, 1/4th of your White male population died fighting the Northern invaders! Take up Your Mississippi flag and put down that old USA one. We can do better, ironically as the like to liberals say. Do Your Duty Mississippi man.

Harness Your Inner Bilbo


God Bless Mississippi


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