We are at the end, if not beyond it, of a Christian America. That statement may be controversial and may not even make all that much sense given that about 70 percent of the population is supposedly Christian, but nevertheless it is true. Christianity has continued being criticised, attacked, and mocked for decades now. A massive demographic shift is occuring with or without immigration. The hook-up culture, homosexuality, and abortion have become so prevalent the question of when God’s judgement will be unleashed is asked more and more. All these sins have become so prevalent, one cannot help but think of another occasion when another civilization went through this same process, a nation in the Bible no less.

The story of the northern Israelite nation, Israel, in the book of Kings and Chronicles must come to mind. Like America, Israel used to be a godly nation, a conservative nation. But it continually strayed from God’s path and did evil. However, it all came to a head under the reign of Ahab and his ungodly wife, Jezebel.

Ahab had come from this conservative albeit fallen nation but Jezebel came from Phoenecia a wicked, pagan civilization that worshipped many gods, chief among them being Baal. After Ahab married her she began growing in power more and more, uncontent with being simply a subserviant wife. She would grow to take over where her husband was weak and would even alter the nation of Israel’s religious practices, slowly replacing righteous, godly practices with practices such as child sacrifice to Baal as well as sexual promiscuity and homosexuality.

But could the similarities of Israel’s apostasy and falling away be seen in America? That is what Johnathan Cahn explores in The Paradigm. Perhaps the history of the northern kingdom was not just for the sake of history but to show how a godly nation goes from being just that to being the complete opposite, sometimes with precise measurements of time. We know God wants his people to be informed and aware of what is to come, could it be that our current predicament has been hidden in the Bible all this time? Perhaps the story of Israel’s decline was not just to provide us with extra knowledge, but to provide us with a template with similarities so striking and eerie. It begins with the Clintons. First, both the Clintons were extremely pro-abortion and gay rights. Their relationship was also reminiscent of Ahab and Jezebel as Hillary Clinton put forth an immense amount of influence on her husband’s decisions. Bill also came from a conservative land, that being the Bible belt, while Hillary came from wicked and morally desolate Yankeedom.

To make it all more precise, the time Bill Clinton spent in politics as governor of Arkansas, president of the United States, and attorney general of Arkansas was 22 years, the same amount of years king Ahab reigned. Obviously Bill didn’t die like Ahab, but his reign did end.

Another striking similarity is Ahab’s nemesis, Ben Hadad, and his similarities with Bill Clinton’s nemesis, Osama Bin Laden. Both Bill and Clinton were able to defeat their nemesis but never did. A national calamity also happened not long after their reigns because of their nemesis coming back to haunt them, brought about by the scandals both rulers took part in, Ahab with Naboth and Clinton with all the scandals he took part in. Must I name them? The calamity for Ahab was the loss of the pivotal city of Ramoth Gilead while Bill Clinton had 9/11 unleash upon him just 10 hours after he confessed that he could have captured Bin Laden.

But it doesn’t end there. After Ahab’s death Ahaziah ruled but only for a short two year period. Then came Joram, Ahab’s son. Joram was heavily influenced by his mother, again Jezebel, and allowed her a great deal of influence in the nation’s affairs. Joram continued the nation’s apostasy and descent into moral decay to the point it all seemed like it would be sealed into permanency. The first democrat to come to power after Bill Clinton was Barack Obama who did all the things Joram did, continuing the apostasy and threatening to destroy any hope of a religious revival.

But then came Jehu in ancient times. Jehu overthrew Joram and the wicked Jezebel after Elisha anointed him king in order to do so. On his way to do that he raced furiously. But Jehu was neither a righteous man nor a calm man nor someone who had ruled before, but he did win. Sound like anyone?

Just like Jehu, Trump raced furiously and attacked Obama first in the early part of his campaign. He then raced like mad to the 2016 election, defeating Jezebel… I mean Hillary, and ended the continuation of the downard spiral. He also reversed many of Obama’s actions but not completely. Cahn ends on that note and it is a very important one, Trump and people like him are not the solution to the moral decline in America. Why should we expect as much? Trump is arrogant and constantly cucks to the left on various issues not to mention the fact that he often gets sidetracked with things like prison reform (that we don’t need). He is simply the stopping force of the left, not the reversal. His presidency and reign will not fix our issues especially when we ourselves are so morallg corrupt. It is simply to allow God’s people to catch their breath and aim towards a reversal.

Whether we achieve that and the revival that comes with it has yet to be seen.


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