A common complaint moderates and liberals have is that the two parties are polarizing. On one hand, the democrats have come to embody everything that is anti-American and is on the verge of tipping over into socialism as well. On the other, republicans have pushed out the neocons from their midst and are slowly coming to terms with true nationalism. The moderates and liberals have a problem with this because it leaves them disenfranchised but if anything we should be glad this is happening.

As moderates are left disenfranchised, the “far-right,” if you want to call it that, are finally getting candidates that fit their values. We are getting true Southerners into power with Brian Kemp and Cindy Hyde-Smith, even if they aren’t all the way with us. This is good and it’s about time.

The moderates have a vested interest in keeping the parties close together but the left wants you to believe the polarization is negative as well. They don’t want you realizing that America is decaying, just so slow that only the old are the only ones able to be aware.

If America continues going downhill so gradually that we are unable to realize before it’s too late then we will lose this country. This polarization is just the symptom of White people finally realizing exactly what’s happening. The analogy of the boiling frog is all too familiar here. Just like South Africa, migrants have slowly poured in and they have slowly started wittling down our numbers. The only difference really is that our farmers aren’t being murdered (yet) and America is so big so it is even slower for us to become aware of what’s happening.

When it all happens at a breakneck pace, like in Europe, Whites mobilize and fight back. Within just a few years the AfD in Germany went from nothing to 20 percent of the vote. In a country with no party getting over 40 percent, that’s significant.

This isn’t to say we should vote for the democrats to speed it up as some suggested, just that we should embrace the polarization and speed that up instead. Many Americans never vote because they feel disenfranchised like it doesn’t matter, we need to show them it does. Every vote counts and while our goals may or may not be achieved through voting, it is one thing that can help our movement immensely. We are on borrowed time.


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