Considerable unrest has erupted in France as of late after a substantial gas tax was passed that left the rural French population unjustly kicked down. The tax in question would hence the name tax gas in an effort to get more people onto punlic transportation. Public transportation is vital to a city, lest it have horrible traffic jams. Thing is, not everywhere needs public transportation like the urbanite hellhole that is Paris.

So, the French middle class, the ruralites, took to the streets en masse, gathering at least 136,000 protesters in its early stages although that has decreased to about 36,000 by last Saturday. Still, the protests have been enough to make president Emmanuel Macron consider declaring it a state of emergency. Imagine that, elitist Macron knows he cannot ignore the French majority.

Macron’s approval rate has been dropping for some time now, down to 26 percent. The French elites and their (((globalist))) backers think they can ignore the masses, the White working class. They’ll make false promises of course of socialist wealth and wonderful new policies of environmentalism. It’s really all to oppress the working class though, seeing as how foreign aid continues going to reckless developing countries who do the vast majority of the pollution in the seas and skies. Thankfully the French have said no to these disastrous policies such as the taxes and the “Yellow Vest” movement has converged into a generally anti-establishment movement that both polarized sections of the country can get in on.

Ironically European countries seem to be more prone to actual action while Americans do nothing more than a few rallies. I by no means advocate Siege-style terrorism but we must realize that the likelihood of things changing solely with votes lessens each year. Migrants come and add to the leftist voter blocs, the old conservatives slowly die off, and the young liberals slowly rise to power. Sorry for the blackpill but our chsnces keep dimming and we cannot be scared to demonstrate as the French have, at least not to anything that was done without an election. Imagine if our grandparents and our parents protested and took to the streets when the 1965 immigration act was passed.

With sufficient pressure the government will cave… somewhat. As always these days, looking to Europe for the rise of a truly new rightwing faction of government, we realize that the Europeans are tired of their replacement. Are we? Unfortunately many of us bat a blind eye to it all and act as if it is unimportant or unnatural. If it isn’t then the neocons or just the ignorant bring up some soppy moral issue with keeping America White. Bah!

We have a right to our land just as the French do, but the elites don’t care and will do everything in their power to destroy us. It doesn’t end with losing the majority, it ends when every last White man is dead or gone like in Rhodesia(Zimbabwe).

But I don’t want to end on a depressing note because these protests, even if they aren’t necessarily rightwing, are destabalizing to the French government and if it’s destabalizing, they will react, for better or for worse. Marine Le Pen even called for the dissolving of the National Assembly with new elections to be made. That would only help the French rightwing as they would get into power sooner than they would’ve should it be done. So, here’s to action and polarizing politics.

Vive la vraie France!


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