Virginia, as we speak, is fully undergoing the third Reconstruction. We can blame whoever we please, especially rich Jews and Yankees, but the blame can also go to these blue blood upper-class (only as far as money is concerned) scalawags. These “business ordinated conservatives” have been leading the South down the path of surrender since the 1860’s. They constantly demand we give up our birthright, so we can gain economic progress. They are willing to give up anything for “muh economy”. They are the spineless and pathetic sort of Southerner.

They might try to hide their greed with the virtues of universal prosperity, but their avarice still shows through the fluff of worldly success. While their spiritual capitol Is Atlanta, “The City Too Busy to Hate”, but they have dominated Northern Virginia like no other region in Dixie. The land of Robert E. Lee and George Washington has been reduced to a cosmopolitan vacation spot for the Capitol Hill elite. These scalawags have welcomed this flood of cash and “economic success” with open arms, they care nothing for the culture and identity of Virginia. They love seeing wealthy Yankees and Jews moving their business and companies to Virginia. They are being “good Southerners”.

They submit their birthright with enthusiasm and a smile. Meanwhile Virginia is swamped with outsiders from far off lands such as Mexico and Asia and even Africa. Charlottesville is the case city of what the end results of this invasion will be. The former home town of Thomas Jefferson is now a wicked den of atheists, communists, bastards, and anarchists. Shameful, so shameful.

To add salt to this massive gaping wound the Arlington school board is calling for the Washington & Lee High school to be renamed after the race mixing trash couple from the Loving Case. A case that legalized race mix marriages, breaking the 10th amendment of states rights, thus opening the door to wide spread mongrelization. The school board, assuming their native Southerners, are traitors to their people. They merit no respect nor liberty. This is only further proof that the public education system must either be completely reformed or banned outright. The school boards of America should be set up on treason charges by a court of the people and given the appropriate punishment by law. I encourage all Virginians to call this school board and give them your thoughts and picket the city. This is further proof that we must embrace Southern nationalism and start creating our own communities and organizations, including schools. If your kids are in the Virginia public school system, I question one’s dedication to not only Dixie but God. How can one allow their sons and daughters to sit under rule of such treason loving scum? I encourage South Western Virginians to rally around Corey Stewart, despite him being a native Northerner, he respects our heritage and identity. I can see him becoming a very important leader to Virginia in the future. He did very well in South West Virginia in his race against Creeper Kaine for the Senate seat. We must make South West Virginny a strong hold of defiance.

For all those Southerners still living in Northern Virginia I must call on you to join the League of the South. You need to understand what kind of threat is hovering above your head. The threat that can be seen in South Africa, just study them from only two to three years ago, the country’s politics look very eerily similar to our current one. Now they are taking White land despite Trump’s (empty) warnings. The blacks of the country continue to butcher the White South Africans without threat of the law. The rule of law doesn’t apply in non-White countries. That’s something only White countries with weak sniveling nose presidents like Kennedy have.

UVA students desecrate Jefferson’s statue


Bottom line for Virginia is either Southern Nationalism or destruction, choosing American nationalism is choosing death by falling on one’s sword. American Nationalism is what got us here in the first place. The inability to see the liberal North and godless West as rivals, at best, destroyed our ability to save our institutions in the 60s. Perhaps had we remembered our forefather’s fight for Southern Independence instead of “forgiving & forgetting” we’d be in a better place now. Maybe we wouldn’t have followed, albeit begrudgingly, their insane court orders that struck down so many of our precautionary laws to keep our society great and fertile. Our ancestors made a grave mistake in hindsight trying to reunite with the rest of the nation in the post-war years. I leave you off with the words of Lee, which I was reminded of by Mississippi Secessionist’s article, “…if I had forseen the use those people designed to make for their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I forseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in my right hand.”



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