If you want a glimpse into the not so distant future of the South, you could look to South Africa. If you want a closer glimpse, look to Virginia. Stating the obvious, Yankee transplants and Hispanic migrants have flooded the state and turned it blue as they slowly push the removal of Confederate monuments. They want to erase the history of the Old South, aka the South we all know and love.

But a new story has broken out, one that would rightfully inflame and Southern man. One that any true Southern man would rightly be called a coward to dismiss and not try to find a solution. Stratford Junior High School in Arlington, Virginia, changed its name in 1979 to H-B Woodlawn for irrelevant reasons. Now they are moving and want to bring back the old name but this is unacceptable to the left. Why? Simply because it bears the same name as Robert E. Lee’s family home, Stratford Hall. This is conquest, plain and simple.

These good-for-nothing carpetbagger flood our states and after a few decades our place names are changed. Not all of course, but any place named after a White Southerner that lived ever lived and wasn’t a scalawag can expect to have his namesake stripped from under him. Worse yet, anything associated with him can be threatened with a renaming. They’re scrubbing it clean and soon Northern Virginia will be totally unrecognizable, no different than the sprawling metropolises of the North East.

I wonder how long it is until Lynchburg gets renamed or Austin out west. Hell, at this point I wouldn’t doubt Charlottesville would change its name just because an alt-right rally took place there. I’ll stop giving them ideas.

And still somehow Southern Amnats (American Nationalists) denounce secession. You see though, secession is the only thing that we can confidently say will end these tragedies.

“But we can reconcile with the North! We have more important enemies!”

That may be true but if you care about our Christian conservative Southern culture, you would support secession to protect it. Reconciliation with the North can mean only the destruction of everything we hold dear even if we stay a Western-derived region. We may not turn into a copy and pasted Mexico but if we stay in the Union (and don’t become Mexico) we will just turn into the North. That means all the progressivism and degeneracy you see going on in Boston and NYC will go on here and will become normal. Conservative nations can do a 180, just look at Ireland and Quebec. Reconciliation, just like Thomas Paine made apparent with America and Birtain, will only result in the complete exploitation and colonization of our homeland.

Secession may be far away, sure, but it should be an end goal as it is the only way to stop the invasion from the North and may not be the only way to stop the one from Latin America but it would help to that end. Now, combine that with the fact the American government has overstepped the values of its founders and now participates in foreign wars, open borders, and infringing on the Bill of Rights. Why should we stay? Just to be loyal? Is that all our culture is worth?

Absolutely not. Many say the North can be reconciled with and that is why we should stay because when we do we “kick ass.” That may be true but kicking the ass of pathetic Iraqi soldiers and a few muslim insurgents in their own country for nothing more than controlling the opium trade isn’t all that great. The North can’t be reconciled with because it sees us as a backwards cesspool of degenerates. Ironic. But they also see us as rebellious conservatives and so they wish to replace us to solidify their rule over our land once and for all. Keeping us from reclaiming the names of our old schools or renaming our schools and other institutions that still possess their Southern names is part of that conquest. Any Southerner who fails to see that is surely blind at this point.

Communists are not at work here, and Jew globalists aren’t the main enemy on points such as these (they have bigger matters to tend to). These small conquests and the subtle scrubbing of the Southland have one main culprit. The North and their Black pawns that act as vessels to help do the scrubbing. Secession is the only long-term choice, might as well embrace it at this point.


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