4D Chess, keeping his Hand hidden, playing the long game; these are but a few of the excuses persistent Trump supporters make to justify their loyalty to their disloyal leader.

It was bad enough when Trump filled his cabinet with Zionists, let alone when he bombed our allies in Syria. Now he has allowed for the arrest of four White Nationalist comrades; yet there are still those who support him.

I wanted to save this article until he breaks yet another one of his campaign promises. If for no other reason than I want the ability to say “I told You So.” This isn’t the first time.

The White Race is under occupation and has been for some time now. Instead of looking at Modern Weimarica as an even battlefield of political ideals, look at it as a Guerrilla war. Not a Red Dawn scenario, but a scenario in which the heroes of Red Dawn had failed. Dixie stands only one chance in the struggle to come. This is the final battle for our Southern Folk. Why are we wasting time praising and loving the man at the head of or destruction? What good results has this cucking brought forth?

Now is not the time to submit and turn the other cheek when the President of the ZOG strikes us a blow. Even if it was, we only have two cheeks and he has stricken them each three times over. Now is the time to take our “whip” and knock over the “tables” of our enemies. To drive out the usurers and destroy the ironic duo of communism and materialism that threatens the very existence of everything that is near and dear to the hearts of all Southerners.

The sacrifices of every Confederate soldier and their children, are not to be left in vain. Talmadge and Bilbo did not spend their lives fighting for Dixie to have it washed down the drain. We at Southern Revivalism intend to not let that happen.

So I pressure you, my comrades, my brothers in this struggle; fight the power! Drive out the occupiers, (within legal means of course.)

Prepare for the coming race and civil war. This is a Call also to my comrades in the Northwest Front. Speaking of the Northwest Front, it is important that we stand with our allies outside Dixie. From Syria to Palestine, Brazil to Greece, South Africa to Hungary, the anti-American, anti-Zionist Coalition grows. Solidarity with all our allies is key here. We are not alone in this struggle and we are but children compared to the real action that was taken by revolutionaries some time ago. One day, I hope, it will be the other way around.


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