One of the biggest obstacles of Southern Nationalism is going to be breaking the fantasy of a united America held by many of our misinformed Southern kinsmen. Luckily for us the job is getting easier and easier considering how far the North East and West Coast are pressing Conservative Dixie. To be sure “fellow Americans” north of the Mason Dixon line has long seen us as just a bothersome conquered province of dim-witted barbarians. How else can you explain the War of Northern Aggression and the various War crimes committed by the equalitarian North and their invading armies? General Sherman and other Union generals seemed very hellbent on destroying and replacing the Southern people with the seeds of New England. Yes, many Southerners understand this, but they think that’s old news. Many somehow think America became great again somewhere in 1900 when in actuality it was basically a corrupt monopoly-controlled sham for most of the post war years. Sure, Dixie restored home rule in 1876, much to the modern liberal’s disgust, but once again the Yankee fell into hedonism. For one the Yankee allowed his homeland of the North East to be flooded by far off European immigrants, a large amount which were left wing radicals, especially the more Talmudic ones. To the Yankee’s credit you still had some wise Northerners like President Coolidge and they would pass the Immigration Act of 1924, thus trying to safe guard America’s homogeneity. Yet by the 40s you had the North turn on Dixie immediately following the World War 2, which them along with Jews were responsible for getting us in. I’ve made multiple articles on the post-War years explaining how we were betrayed despite Southerners making up a sizeable amount of the US fighting forces. Now we can truly see how bad it is yet still some of our Southern brothers, who otherwise our in our camp, won’t embrace secession. Why? Well, mostly I think they might be more susceptible to the argument of secession if it was presented more often as an option. I think the key to that is showing them that “our fellow Americans” have no loyalty to us like many of us have to them. Like I mentioned before, they see us as scum while we see them as Americans just living in a colder land who have a habit of talking loudly or surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean. They might see us as legally “American”, but we are the “other”, the bad American and everything that is wrong with it in their minds. We to them, are just coon asses, rednecks and hillbillies instead of Arcadians, Dixians and Mountains folk. The blacks of Dixie on the other hand our seen as noble victims and the true toilers of the soil who deserve to lord over us for our alleged past crimes. The Yankee/liberal wants to see them finally take control and turn Dixie into a “Rainbow republic” on par with South Africa under the “savior” Nelson Mandela…..And if the black race decides to show us their teeth and wrath the Yankees will tell us we deserve it. We’ve already seen this happen to our once great cities, what’s to stop it from happening on the wide scale? How won’t it when Yankees like Trump fail to stem the invasion and other more liberal minded subversives are openly trying to open our borders like the New York Jew Chuck Schumer and the Californian Jewish Diane “Harpy” Feinstein. Some Northerners would like to pass all the blame on Jews while slamming us for bringing the blacks to America in the first place, yet they fail to hold their own lands in 90% areas of New England. Can we not forget the latest corpse of President Bush was a native Yankee? He was not Jewish, albeit he was a Zionist dog. What about the Kennedy’s? They hold JFK up as a hero while he sent troops to Ole Miss and Bama to break the backbone of Southern defiance in the 60s. Now his kinsmen Representative Joe “Dribble Face” Kennedy carries on the mission of “equality and progress” from his home in New England. Our fellow Whites, yes, our fellow Countrymen, no.

Boston, Congressman Joe Kennedy III walks along the Pride Parade route with his daughter Eleanor and wife Lauren. June 10, 2017 Staff photo Ch

I want to leave a disclaimer before ending this article because I am well aware many Southerners have also failed and betrayed their birthright like many Northerners have done. What I’m trying to point out is that a Free Dixie has always been necessary to save us from outsider rule. Yankees stopped  that in 1865 not Jews. Do I blame Yankees 100% for what happened to America? No. We’ve had plenty of great Northern men like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, George Rockwell, Pres. Franklin Peirce and William Quantrill. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for independence. Free Dixie is our destiny. We have every right to Independence just as every Northerner man has a right to his cities like Detroit and Chicago. If the North and West will allow us to go in peace, I have no ill-will towards them but if they decide to suppress us and “we’ll send Sherman again” rubbish, then they have another thing coming.
Deo Vindice, Hail Dixie


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