Seeing how often I am asked what we can do about immigration, I believe it’s time to address this in detail. The common sentiment among native White Americans is that immigration is an overall negative policy especially when it is from outside Europe. However, the average Joe seems to be unaware of the factors surrounding immigration and how we can stop it.

A shocking aspect to it all that must be addressed before we get into the possible solutions is how many Whites would like to simply restrict immigration to high IQ individuals with no racial or ethnic boundaries. This reasoning can initially make sense as it would benefit us as a country (temporarily) and would result in motivated individuals coming in rather than the common barbarian we get nowadays. While this would be better than nothing, a restriction on IQ would lead to mostly Asian immigrants coming in which would only shift our immigration sources to Asia instead of Latin America, leaving us in the same situation. Thankfully Asians are peaceful and wouldn’t be much of a problem with crime like other types of immigrants.

All that is fine but the looming problem of unrelenting immigration is still an issue with Asian immigrants. You see, so many come in that they don’t have to assimilate and if they don’t have to assimilate they can peacefully conquer sections of America and turn them into ethnic enclaves. Think of all the Chinatowns. A prime example of Asian domination after a few decades of immigration is Vancouver where White Canadians are left disenfranchised, outnumbered, and alienated in a city they were a majority in not that long ago. Making it all worse, as they continue flooding in we would have the same problem with Hispanic immigrants, a new Democratic voting bloc swamping in; only this time they’re smarter than us.

As more Asians flood in they would conquer not just sections of large cities, they would conquer academia. If that happens we could throw out any hopes of retaking our college campuses and pulling them away from the leftist agenda as most Asians overwhelmingly support the Democrats; not to mention the fact that many come from communist China. We just might see ourselves importing a new ruling class if not a new majority just as we are currently with Latin Americans.

But what can we do to stop all of this? What can we do to ensure we are not replaced whatsoever whether it be by Hispanics or Asians? What policies should we support and advocate for? First up on our grocery list should be to end chain migration which brings hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year. Next on our list should be birth right citizenship which, combined with chain migration, can see anchor babies chain migrate their entirw extended family. One immigrant can effectively lead to the growth of an immigrant colony.

To put this all in perspective, let’s say 100 Mexican nationals move to a small, predominantly White Southern town with a population of 5,000, 200 of which are Non-White natives which makes it 96% White. If they all got their green cards at the same time, they could move their close families to this small town. Now, let’s say they all have a wife and two children (which can be adults). That means this small group of 100 immigrants has led to this town going from 96 percent White to going to 88 percent White in just a few years, all because of a 100 immigrants. Of course, these 100 Mexicans won’t stop there, they’ll move their aunts, uncles, parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, etc. Within a few years this small Southern town can easily go from that 96 percent White number to 66 percent if not less. This is exactly what we see. We know how this ends, hell, we did it once i.e. Texas.

While this next one may not be directly related to immigration, ending it would undoubtedly deter those lazy immigrants or at the very least we wouldn’t have to pay for them. I’m of course talking about welfare which 73 percent of Hispanic immigrants are on for decades. Perhaps we don’t even need to end welfare entirely (although that is in our interests) but we may be able to limit its access away from first and second generation immigrants.

Another policy we should look to inact is a cap on immigration which we did have before 1965 (at 270,000). Why should it be unlimited? To replace us of course! This is why a cap on it, preferrably as low as possible would suit our interests well. Hispanics can’t change our country with only a 100,000 immigrants a year, at least not in a timely manner.

The real jackpot however would be to restrict the origin of the immigrants. In order to reflect our Anglo-Celtic and German roots, we should look forward to restricting immigration to these countries as other ethnic Europeans act as fifth columns just as Hispanics, voting for Democrats more and more, and attacking our cultural uniqueness. I hope you can imagine Russian immigrants taking the Yankee’s word that Confederate pride is racist and attacking us for it. Total restriction to just a few countries may be unrealistic but at the very least we can prioritize these countries by only allowing perhaps 30 percent of immigrants to come from elsewhere.

Additionally, other small scale actions we could take is to abolish our refugee program, abolish the diversity lottery, and put in place severe restrictions on asylum seeker admissions with a cap and restrictions on the country of origin. It would also serve our movement to filter out people with mental disorders and behavioral problems and even restrictions on elderly immigrants.

Of course, we won’t get any of these things with neocons in power, not to mention Democrats. A political revolution will be needed someway somehow, but when it does happen, we should aim for these restrictions. Hell, if we really want to go hard on it all we ought to create a new amendment for an immigration cap.

So, to sum it all up:

1. End chain migration

2. Abolish birth right citizenship

3. Establish a cap on the annual number of immigrants

4. Restrict immigration to Irish, British, and German immigrants only.

5. Abolish other programs and policies of lesser importance such as the diversity lottery and refugee programs.

6. IQ and merit based restrictions. Again however, it should be noted that this by itself is not a solution.

7. Abolishing or restricting welfare access.

All these are on the table and we should aim for them all but as always, sacrifices should be made and so we must sadly pick and choose in order of importance. Our priorities therefore should be to end chain migration and birth right citizenship although the smaller actions may be easier to get. Demographics are destiny though, and failing to do any of these as the Republicans have done for the past 50 years will only result in the loss of our country.



  1. Obviously – but it would take another civil war to implement at this point. If there is a second Great Depression maybe people could get their priorities right; but that could also lead to socialism at this point…

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