Looking at Britain, we get the prime example of how much a people can lay out a set of laws and restrictions on the government’s power only for them to be forgotten a century or so later. You see, the role of the British monarch is to uphold the constitution. Trusting a member of a royal family with this role was a horrible idea obviously, but so it seems was trusting it in the hands of a court like in America.

The Supreme Court in the last 70 years has done nothing but twist the constitution for their political agenda or, just as often, outright ignore it. The most butchered amendment has to have been the 14th amendment, established to give equality to Black Americans. Nowhere does it state, for example, that abortion is protected under that amendment and anyone who says so is either delusional, a liar, or an ideologue. Given that fetuses are human and are a separate body, this would reasonably be considered murder. Does the constitution sanction murder? Of course not. It could just as reasonably be argued that killing a fetus is cruel and unusual punishment.

When Obama restricted the rights of soldiers to openly express their Christian faith the Supreme Court was silent despite this being a clear violation of the first amendment. These sorts of progressive action goes unimpeded by the supreme court all the time just see all the restrictions on guns in cities so we won’t dwell on the court’s uselessness. At the core of the problem however is the complete and utter lack of support for the true constitution by the people. Our “beloved” liberties have been traded for peace in our time. Instead of upholding the constitution ourselves and stopping the holocaust of unborn children, we sat back, waiting for another supreme court decision to fix it, perhaps in 100 years or so.

The American republic for this reason has failed. Basic liberties are not being upheld by the government or the people. Why even have a constitution if it can be twisted so much that women get the right to kill their children under due process of all things. That decision was pulled out of the rear ends of the court, that’s for sure. We soon can expect the second amendment to be trampled on even more than it already is, especially as the incoming Democrats are heavily anti-gun.

America has evolved into a country that would be alien to its founders. The NSA spies on millions of us with no warrant, guns are stripped from the hands of law-abiding citizens due to blatant trespasses of the second amendment, the death penalty is cited as “cruel and unusual punishment” despite it being widespread when its respective amendment was written, illegal aliens can have anchor babies at will, unborn children are killed en masse, religious liberty of Christians are violated in the government itself, rightwingers are jailed for taking precautions to defend themselves (like RAM), and censorship is allowed by big tech companies among a plethora of other abuses. Going back in the past, we know presidents like Adams and Lincoln horribly violated the constitution but in recent years, government tyranny has come in the form of the suppression of rightwingers or just political dissidents.

Investigations in the 90s notoriously led to attempted confiscations of firearms (which are supposed to not be infringed upon) led to the deaths of innocents like at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Anyone with sense can see that neither of those were actually about the firearms, they were just a tool the government could use to implement a crackdown.

Strict reform, revolution, or the secession of Southern states that actually hold firm to the constitution are the only ways to restablish the liberties we love. However, the likelihood of anything of that sort coming about while Yankee states continue prancing around with progressivism is unlikely and trust me, they’re not letting go of it anytime soon. As stated in the previous article, they do not care about our principles. As can be seen with John Adams and the alien and sedition acts, it only matters to them when it suits them and when it doesn’t the constitution goes out thw window. Until the time comes that we do restablish constitutional law (with quite a few new amendments hopefully) there is one question we must ask ourselves; how long until we end up like Britain and our freedom of speech and right to bear arms are done away with altogether so that leftists can have their way? How long?


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