Brett Kavanaugh has betrayed us. He has sold us down the river and showed his true colors, or perhaps it was obvious all along. This man who had his name dragged through the mud for weeks has bent his knee to the monster called Planned Parenthood and the feminist hoodlums. It was revealed this week that Kavanaugh was one of the SCOTUS judges who dismissed even seeing the case of states defunding Planned Parenthood because it was “too controversial”. I haven’t heard his exact reason but I’m sure it’s some weak-kneed dogma that these Blue Blood “financial conservatives” love to spew.

In fact, even before he was nominated when asked about Roe v Wade, he said it was finished law. I suppose Plessy v Ferguson was finished law as well; obviously not. This is utterly pathetic when you consider how hard right wingers across the board pushed and defended Kavanaugh during his confirmation. When he was confirmed it was seen as some wonderful victory and would solidify the GOP victory in November. Lies! All lies, just like Trumps false promises to repeal Birthright citizenship. Nothing more than an election ploy to sucker the electorate to keep his sorry do-nothing legislative branch. So we can waste billions of dollars on Israel and an army not even allowed to secure our borders. We have more to show out of SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, a Black man, than from this sniveling nose Blue Blooded fool Kavanaugh.

I’m getting really sick and tired of all these false promises and I know I’m not the only one. Indeed, many normal conservatives are becoming more and more angered by the GOP’s utter failure to hold much less take any ground in the political arena. The best we’ve got from the GOP this year was Trump temporarily holding off the caravan, and we don’t know how long this will last. This is why me and the men of the black cross denounce this system and demand secession, we know the system can’t be reformed. I’m so fed up with this whole thing I don’t think I’ll even mention the travesty of Fields indictment in the C-Ville. Heck, Fields is likely to get the death penalty for self-defense against an armed and hostile mob while Kate Steinle’s killer walks free on the streets of California. All I can say is that without secession and Southern Nationalism you can expect the entire US to look like Charlottesville in 25 years. We must form our own communities and enclaves of control instead of throwing all our might at the Swamp in D.C. which has consumed Trump. I backed Trump in 2016 and fully supported him whenever he made good decisions, but I will not play cheerleader to an incompetent do-nothing. We have to get real with ourselves and see it as it is. The National Battle field is lost, balkanization is the way forward. We can’t rely on White quisling plutocrats like Kavanaugh to save us. I Hope he gets kicked off the Court due to some false accusations because I sure won’t back him this time and neither would any other self respecting Southern Christian man.

The feeling right now…..

Note to Readers: I’m so sicken by these weaklings I doubt I’ll be writing on them again this year just to save my nerves. Suspect more history articles from me as Dixie begins Winter and Christmas, I’ll mostly be writing more on purely inspirational stories of Southern heroes. Make sure to keep warm.



  1. Justice Kavanaugh did not betray anybody.

    He plainly told the world, in the office of Maine Senator Susan Collins, that Roe vs. Wade was Establisht Law and that he would defend Establisht Law.

    That was your cue : he will protect The Status Quo.

    All other conversation, Left or Right, that occurred over his head, was just that – conversation.

    President Bush loves Justice Kavanaugh.

    That was a clue.

    Of course, I am disappointed, but, we were warned


    1. I remember hearing that and I considered throwing him under the buss during the confirmation but I really hated the feminists so much I had to side with Brett, I won’t make the same mistake again. This idea that we are somehow obliged to the mandates of Federal judges is insane. Anyone who calls states righter should be with us on this. The Civil War doesn’t disprove states rights & nullification.

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      1. I think the idea of The judiciary is a good one, Sir, but, with a system that has become so dysfunctional, I think it unrealistick to expect that it somehow rectify this situation.

        Jefferson, and indeed, many Founding Fathers spoke to this when they added The 2nd Amendment and recommended a revolt every 7 years, this because they knew the time would come when only politically organized states could deal with the corruption of The Central Government.

        The Yellow Jackets in France, in a different way, demonstrate the validity of this principle.


  2. Will he help Justices Gorsuch & Thomas abolish Chevron deference and Auer deference, though? Those pro-federal agency interpretation doctrines are anti-states rights ones that really need to be discarded now that cyberspace empowers states to run their own affairs better than when those doctrines first emerged decades ago. Agreed?


  3. Maybe but I don’t trust Kavanaugh. He seems pretty weak and too moderate. I’d much prefer to see Roy Moore on the court than this wimp.


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