For the last few weeks I have been coming across many articles that have brought concern to me and cause me to become further disgusted with our current system. This is a problem that many people talk about and beg for donations to fight the problem but offer up no solution. That problem is the brutalization taking place in this country against children, including babies, and the elderly. This problem is a clear indicator of where our country is at and has become. It is the byproduct of a ungodly libertine society that values nothing. A society that feeds it youth lies of equality of unlimited freedom and embraces weakness and rejection of consequences. One of these cases can be seen through how the number of “feral kids” being found has risen over the years to the point of becoming a monthly occurrence. These kids are locked away by their scumbag parents for whatever reason, usually lack of care, and abandoned. Most of these kids turn into vegetables, unable to even talk into adulthood despite having normal mental capacities at birth. Many people say the solution is more birth control and abortion so that these careless people won’t have these children to abuse in the first place. Again, liberal minded people miss the problem.

We have a recent case from New Jersey where it was discovered a house of six low lives had brutally beat and scolded a 3-year-old child, the son of one of the women responsible, as a form of “corporal punishment”. While I support corporal punishment for naughty children this isn’t the case with this instance, this is an act of serve abuse and brutality that is rarely seen in even the most ferocious animals. Barbarism is alive and well dear reader. It was the picture of the suspects that really aggravated me. The six suspects were all grimy looking degenerates who should have already been on the watch list from day one.

What would have happened to these lowlifes pre-1950s South?

Why were these six people, none of which were married, living together in the first place? Why are five women (four of which seem White) living with a black man? Keep in mind this profane gang of riff raff all joined in on the brutal torture session of this poor boy. Like some sort of pack of rabid jackals, they all took turns scolding and beating the toddler a number of times. I can fairly assume, though not certain, that these vermin all had rap sheets a mile long. Rarely do these cases happen out of the blue, most of them being cases of abuse that happen after multiple reports which the police either ignore or aren’t legally allowed to intervene. I’m sure these six monsters will get away with their crime with probably only a few years of prison each. Some of the women will probably be let go scot free, meanwhile James Fields faces 400 years in prison and possibly death for self-defense against a violent mob of communists.

Our society also has a severe problem with dealing with the elderly. First off, our country allows retirement homes to basically rob and take advantage of the elderly by overcharging them to live in subpar conditions with incompetent untrained (usually black) care takers. In some nightmare worthy cases we’ve seen old people beaten and left to die in their own excrement and filth by these so called “care-takers” while having to use every dollar they have to be housed in the facilities. While I think we should have families taking care of their own old by having multigenerational households this isn’t always possible. On top of this we can see many other cases outside of this where the elderly are being either taken advantage of or out right battered by lowlife predators. Whether its some young punk playing the “knockout game” or some scammer trying to con grandma, these sorts of things are unacceptable, and I have a solution to these epidemics.

1930s Confederate Veteran with baby

First and foremost, we need to go ahead and tell people saying, “well, that’s just how life is” to shove it. That isn’t an argument and it is instead a sorry excuse for inaction. Life shouldn’t be this way and it wasn’t in previous years. Furthermore it’s our civic and Christian duty to make sure these things don’t happen. Any society that does not honor its old and protect its youth doesn’t deserve to continue and usually won’t. That’s the main problem, modern society does not feel any sense of duty to anything; instead it embraces hedonism and nihilism. Which brings me to the solution to these problems, which is a Free & Independent Dixie. Yes, I know this might not make sense but let’s think about it. The South is the most biblical part of the nation, think the Bible Belt, well the Bible teaches us to honor our elders and to preserve and protect the lives of the innocent. Who can be more innocent and helpless than babies and the elderly? It’s the federal bureaucratic laws and limp wristed mandates that stop us from properly punishing these predators, and yes these are predators. Anyone who preys on children and the elderly, whether for money or for some other deviant reason deserves death. They should never be tolerated in a society and in previous eras these villains would have been swiftly put to the sword. Yankee minded liberalism sees this form of Southern justice as beneath them and as being “barbaric”. As if we should just let these low lives victimize the helpless. I do not advocate we break the law and do something illegally but instead I advocate that once Free and Independent we will be able to change the laws. I fully trust a Southern Nationalist lead government would deal justice to these criminals once found guilty in a court of law. No longer will we have people trying to scam the elderly, as the benefit will not be worth the risk of death or lashing. No mercy would be granted to these violent demonic marauders once they have been tried and found guilty in a court of law. They wouldn’t be given some long prison sentence in which they would live off the tax payers dollar . The Southern people actually overwhelmingly agree with me; in my own personal life as well as online I have come across of likeminded men & women who share the same ideas on justice as me.

They want justice and order. Our only problem now is the do-gooder liberal who believes in the lie of equality meaning that all lives including predator lives are equal. The life of babies are just as valuable of the sicko six who burned and beat that young boy in their liberal eyes. Once we our Free and Sovereign we can rid ourselves of such weak sentimentalisms. If you want to safeguard the lives of your off spring and parents and grandparents you must embrace Southern Nationalism, the current system is totally unwilling to take the measures to protect the innocent. So take your choice, A Free Dixie where we honor the elderly and protect the innocent or a corrupt activist federal government who are more concerned with bullying Christians with Bible tacks, hunting rightwing activists or deporting immobile 80-year-old German War vets.

US system =well, Remember baby Levi?

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