America used to be a Christian nation and perhaps it still is, but the tide is turning whether we like it or not. It’s unfortunate but we were told about this. There has been a great falling away that is continuing and that doesn’t always mean people stop going to church. Sometimes the churches cuck to social pressures. First they hold same-sex marriages, then they aren’t preaching that homosexuality is hated by God, then they stop preaching Hell exists. Before long they begin saying God has no gender. Before long the pastor is a woman with short, dyed hair, and a nose piercing.

A 2017 study from Lifeway Research showed this falling away, showing that 53 percent of Americans have never read more than a few passages. Only 20 percent had read it all. Keep in mind that Christians make up about 20 percent of the population depending on the source.

Pew Research has found high rates of new age beliefs in Christians as well.

Unsuprisingly Evangelicals are the most conservative although many of then have been indoctrinated into rampant zionism and the lie that the Jews are God’s chosen people and still have the blessing of Abraham even though they hate Jesus and have therefore abandoned the worship of God.

The piety of America has completely withered and now believers are led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Instead of reading the Bible for ourselves, many of us listen to whatever the pastor said and if we do read the Bible it is only what the pastor points us toward, not what we ourselves think important. Predictably this has opened Christianity up to extreme heresy. Remember that progressive pastor I described? She’s real, just without the piercing, though she does have tattoos. From Colorado, she says it’s okay to look at porn… somehow.

This isn’t the worst obviously. Just a few months ago the Episcopal Church considered declaring God gender-neutral. The Archbishop of Canterbury in Europe already did that though. Thankfully we aren’t like Western Europe, but we sure are on the way. Nowhere is immune.

Accompanying the outright heresy that straddles the border of Christian and non-Christian is a newfound contempt for Christianity and Christians. Another study has found that 19 percent of non-Christians believe the Bible is an outdated book and 27 percent believe it is dangerous and has oppressed people over the ages. These may be small percentages now but imagine the number of people that will be saying that nonsense once atheists and irreligious people are the majority (which they are set to slowly become).

Christianity is not like it used to be to say the least. Too many cucked churches and congregations exist. What we must remember that each member of the clergy has hundreds of followers, sometimes thousands. Many Christians bow down to it all, going to church not for the beliefs but because it’s what is expected and also because they sometimes find it as more important than reading the Bible for oneself. Many are unwilling to change, even as the church votes yes on same-sex marriage as if it’s up for debate. What Christians do truly believe and do hold true to the word of God are oftentimes left stranded, especially in the South, in a sea of zionist shills and so they either go to church and risk shilling themselves or they don’t go at all. How wonderful.

All this and supposedly Christian Trump proclaims America is great again. No, we still have work to do; quite a lot actually. A new awakening is desperately needed if we are to remain a Christian nation. The left has claimed our culture and to a certain extent our religion for themselves. All these changes are occuring in the South just as in the North; the onlt difference is the North had a headstart by several decades if not centuries. The fact of the matter is that the decline of America and the decline of Christianity go hand in hand and so we have no other choice than to take it all back or everything will ultimately be futile, though I admit, it all may ultimately not be in our hands. Nevertheless we must act and proceed as if it is.


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