The West is in an existential crisis, not just because of immigration and the lack of identity, but also because of our aging populations. As generations come and go, the decreasing fertility rate of the West is felt more and more as the older generations become more prevalent and the population consequently becomes smaller and older, putting stress on younger generations.

A healthy population’s generations look like a pyramid. Ours however look nothing like one and most Western countries look something like this:

The median age of America is about 38 years, up from 33 in 1993 with projections expecting it to hit 42 in 2060. Compare that to Mexico’s 27.5 years and Guatemala’s 21.3 years today. The rest of the West faces the same issue as America with no Western country above replacement levels of 2.1 children per woman. The closest is France at 1.96 though it has kept falling as well. The lowest is Bosnia and Herzogovina at 1.3 although Poland and Romania are close behind at 1.35. At these rates, many countries will have their populations cut in half by the end of the century and have only prevented that through immigration.

In Patrick Buchanan’s, “The Death of the West,” it is pointed out that a weakening European Union and NATO need not worry about Germany’s buildup or the Russian hordes because all European populations will quite literally fade away, unable to expand and make war. This will only open us up to conquest by our not so friemdly neighbors who will be numerous and young while we shall be old, decrepit, and few.

The total American military population of two million (counting reservists) can be expected to fall as the manpower of America fades away, generation by generation. This is the main point in favor of immigration. How can we remain a powerful civilization if our young men continue disappearing? Well, moving foreign populations in that will lead to balkanization is not the solution, but neither is ignoring the fertility crisis. Either way, the third world stands the chance to make considerable land gains as many regions slowly wither away. Eastern Russia will quickly be overrun by the Chinese and Greece’s rivalry with Turkey may finally end once and for all as Turkey will be able to likewise overrun Greece. Back home, our Texas brothers may be forced out of their lands entirely as the Hispanic Texans and migrants flood in without us being able to stop them. We may be able to put a cap on it today (if we were willing) but when we are outnumbered by 5 to 1 as our younger populations become outnumbered and weighed down with our old, the odds don’t look too good.

The left’s answer to all this is rapid immigration which has led to the Great Replacement. Due the needed for immigration many Western countries to maintain the same labor force size, this has led to exploitation by the left to advance their replacement agenda by not only replacing native Whites but by surpassing the current population and growing it. Canada for example is being targeted with a plan to increase the population of 36.95 million to 100 million. Supposedly this would make Canada a global contender though I doubt it after it balkanizes. How on Earth the housing situation in such a scenario would be dealt with is beyond me, especially in a country like Canada where most people live within 50 miles of the US border.

This entire crisis has set the West up for globalist exploitation, not to mention third world expansion, as well as economic depression as we struggle to care for the old. Had we not accepted immigration, the landscape of the West would grow desolate. There would be no more need for new schools but there would be a new need and is a new need for morgues and cemetaries. The lack of babies has reached depopulation levels paralleling the Black Death and soon will reach something else entirely. It’s no longer epidemic, it’s apocalyptic. Don’t be mistaken though, immigration is still incredibly harmful. In fact, it would be preferable to have had none because the manpower it will take to oust the migrant invaders will likely only result in a quicker decline of our people. Calling the West suicidal is for this reason doubly true. It seems the West has ceased to find the will to replace its own self and so the third world is thrust forward as a solution but ironically will still lead to the death of the West. Eventually if this all goes unsolved the system will topple down and leave only ruin.

Fixing the fertility rate is not a choice; it is quite literally do or die.


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