Recently while searching online digital archives and vintage videos sites I’ve managed to come upon a few videos sent by a friend. Both videos are on the Georgia Governor Eugene Talmadge featuring him during his inauguration speeches and a quick interview after his 1935 win. Neither of these videos are on YouTube and previously I’ve seen neither of them on any forum. I found it very interesting to see Governor Talmadge actually speaking as they only showed him during an interview and not talking to an audience. I’ve found many pictures of the inauguration of Talmadge in 1935 so I’ll be posting those as well. This post is a more laid-back post as I said in my previous article, I’m taking it light for the rest of the year, basically no current politics. I feel it necessary to lay off the toxic political newsfeeds that rarely help lighten my or anyone’s mood for that matter. With Christmas coming I don’t feel like being in a toxic anything. I suggest everyone in our movement take some time off to be with their families and friends or just take time to read a book, I especially suggest the Bible. Don’t let yourself fall into the black pilled mood this Winter.

This link shows Talmadge’s fiery inauguration speeches to the General Assembly in 1933 & 35

This link is from an interview Talmadge gave after his 1934 victory in the Democrat Primary which basically made him Governor Elect since the GOP was non-existent in Georgia at the time.

Enjoy these videos and please let me know in the comments if your able to post either on YouTube. I’d like to note that I own neither of the videos.

Judge Richard Russell Sr swears in Talmadge in 1933
Talmadge prepares to speak 1935 inauguration 
Talmadge being escorted to take the oath 1935
Colorfied pict of Talmadge inaugural 1935

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