In yesterday’s article, I made it apparent just how dire the West’s situation is. This article will serve as the solution to the issue with idealistic and tangible solutions.

The West is dying, that much is clear. It all fundamentally stems from our inability or unwillingness to reproduce, at least at a glance. In truth it goes much deeper than that.

Today’s governments have tried for decades to raise the fertility rate which must be at 2.1 children per woman to maintain a steady population. Most have done nothing more than increase pro-children rhetoric, a little propaganda, and tax relief for families. While these policies can increase the birth rate slightly, they have been unsuccessful in providing Western countries with the required fertility rate.

All attempts have ignored a few key facts about the crisis. While most Westerners cite money issues as the reason they don’t have more children, the truth is that most people are perfectly capable of raising a five person family, just unwilling. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore all face the same issues as we. The media claims this is just the fate of developed nations, but really it is the product of our globalist, materialistic cultures. Women in the West and East Asia both pursue careers, go partying, buy things they don’t need, and generally worry more about trivial things such as their makeup, celebrity gossip, and what club they’ll be going to this weekend. Men do the same thing of course, just slightly differently. Instead of worrying about makeup and celebrity gossip, it’s all about escapism. To put it all in one sentence, people are increasingly wary of settling down because it means taking up responsibility. This means they won’t be able to throw all their money away at Black Friday so they can get their family’s third flatscreen tv.

The hookup culture is no aid in fixing this as you can imagine. With contraceptives and abortions being readily available, any “mistakes” can be fixed quite easily. Now adults can have a new partner every weekend and not fear anything they may regret except perhaps an STD.

Speaking of abortions, 30-60 million children have been aborted since 1970 in America alone. Fixing the materialistic, responsibility-dodging culture is key to the solution, but that’s easier said than done. An extra 30-60 million children would do well toward solving the decline in population, it may even solve it entirely. For this reason as well as the morality of the issue, abortion must be stopped. Combined with the aforementioned culture, it creates a deadly solution to any babies that may screw with the fun of the parents. During the 2017 German Federal election the AfD party ran anti-migrant ads, claiming Germans would make their own babies instead of importing new ones from abroad. Unfortunately this is just propaganda. Germany, like the rest of the West, has the same materialistic culture that results in millions young people putting off settling down with millions of abortions.

However, the hookup culture coincides not just with the rise of abortions but also with the decline of Christianity. This makes sense as Christians hold that children and family is a blessing and are commanded to reproduce. Since religiousity is connected to fertility, we would also do well to reverse the falling away and reestablish Christianity as the bedrock of our culture. Again though, easier said than done. Still, we have enough information to create our shopping list. In order to raise the fertility rate of Western countries we must:

1. End abortion.

2. Correct the materialistic, hedonistic culture by replacing it with healthy attitudes toward family and end the dodging of responsibility.

3. Small-scale actions such as pro-family rhetoric and tax relief for families.

4. If the situation is desperate, a possible ban on contraceptives may be in order.

As always, we have the means to ending this crisis but the globalists battle us every step of the way. Pleasure and freedom of their excuse but we are fighting for our survival. Seeing as how White people are the only race that value freedom in a meaningful manner, the death or subjugation of us will ironically lead to the end of these so called freedoms. It will result in the death of much more than that however. This is why even the banning of contraceptives (which seems outlandish to some) is reasonable and desirable to prevent the complete fading away of our populations.

What we must do and what we would like to do is not always in agreement yet the former takes precedent over the latter.

-Translation: ‘New Germans?’ We’ll do it ourselves.


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