The debate of whether America is Rome grows with each passing day as does the need for such a debate. Both sides of the aisle agree (except for leftist radicals) that the parallels are strong. Horribly high debt, overextension of our armies, corruption, degeneracy, and perhaps even low fertility are all strong parallels that cannot be denied. However the leftwing and moderates of this debate contend that we cannot possibly be Rome for the simple reason that our migrants are Christian. Sure, they’re Catholics mostly but Catholics and Protestants get along today fine enough in the modern world. When the parallels are drawn with modern Europe and Rome the leftwing of the debate dare not contest the matter as religious differences do obviously exist.

The fact of the matter is that religious differences between the Romans and the Germanic tribes that invaded the empire played little to no real part in the decline of the empire. The changing face of the empire’s religion with Christianity may have influenced the decline but to hold that religious differences with the Germanic tribes was important is a deflection.

But is America’s religion changing? Absolutely, only not to another religion, but to a lack of one. The percentage of people identifying as “irreligious” or atheist continues to skyrocket to the extent that a Christian America has already been proclaimed dead in leftist circles and all but dead elsewhere. Sadly apostasy has taken hold of this country, not to mention the West in general. The parallels here with Rome are shocking. In Rome paganism was dying as Christianity took over; in America Christianity is taking over as atheism takes over; all the while in both nations, the dying population had fellow believers coming into the country but not exactly fellow believers. Germanic pagans and Roman pagans bore stark differences but both were able to tolerate eachother somewhat; the same can be said for Protestants and Catholics.

Anyhow, did these religious differences make a difference in Rome’s attempted repulsion of the invaders? For some Christian Romans, it certainly did, but the primary concern was not religion, it was the loss of land. The Germanic tribes were migrating to found new homelands outside of Germania, just as Hispanics today are looking to settle outside of Latin America. Though some pious Romans may have invoked Christ’s name to aid them in battle as they fought the invaders, to the average Roman invading pagans were less of a concern when compared to invading Germans. The primary concern was and is race.

The liberal’s argument on this entire issue is all based on the idea that race does not matter, only culture does, but deep down we all know that to be untrue. Rightwingers today do not cite religious differences as why Hispanics should be turned back, we cite race. As always, where ethnic groups clash conflict arises even if both groups are of the same race.

Given all the other parallels the fall of Rome and the fall of America have, the religion of the invader becomes even more irrelevant. It may be true that the current hordes of migrants are not coming to conquer, at least not for now. Neither are they rampaging through the country in armed bands. They are however colonizing America in preparation to expand the Mexican homeland to what they call its rightful bounds. Their religion may be similar to ours but it matters not. They are, just like the Vandals, Goths, Huns, and Franks did to Rome, conquering this land. Just because the fight hasn’t started quite yet does not mean it won’t. The rise of Mexican nationalism in America only helps prove it is coming.


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