America’s downfall has parallels with many other nations. Babylon, Rome, and the Weimar Republic just to name a few. History certainly repeats itself, especially in the West. Taking what we know about balkanization and non-White violence on White minorities, perhaps we should consider now the parallels we have in common with South Africa.

But what is the history of South Africa up to this point? For a brief overview, the colony was founded in the 1600s on mostly uninhabited land or land that was inhabited by nomadic tribes with no claim to the land. As time passed the White Afrikaners began moving inland, taking even more uninhabited land from the native Khoi-San people. Eventually however they reached the Bantu peoples such as the Zulus and the Matabele. At this time the Zulus had begun a large scale conquest of neighboring land which was enabled due to newfound war tactics. Gradually the other Bantu tribes fled west, running into the Afrikaner migrants. Long story short, a few wars went down and the Afrikaners planted themselves as the rulers of the land.

As technology improved the Bantu population exploded and still is. This of course surpassed the White population’s growth and gradually White South Africans were reduced to roughly 10 percent of the population. Since the unrest of the late 80s and early 90s that led to the end of apartheid, Whites have been under attack from Blacks, especially farmers. The frequent attacks on White South Africans has even led to South Africa being put on a genocide watch list while others call it a slow genocide already. The product of a rainbow nation. The Whites also owned the vast majority of land and still do, opening them up to socialist conquests by Blacks as communist Blacks took over at the end of apartheid.

Recently it has all been ramped up with yet another politician calling for a complete genocide of Whites from adults and babies to even the family dog. Such attacks and discrimination have been playing out already for years, though most murders have been at the hands of a few thugs, not the state. That can change very easily. In fact, land appropriation is already underway.

America is undergoing the same process as South Africa, only a few decades behind. We are still a majority, but that is set to change very soon. In South Africa, the descendants of settlers obtained land usually by buying it, finding it uninhabited, or conquering it. South Africans did well with this newfound homeland, becoming a powerhouse and developing it more than it had ever been. However, a resentful “native” population seeks to take that away so that they may have it for themselves. I put “native” in quotation marks because the Bantu South Africans are really immigrants themselves, arriving in the 1300s from the north.

The exact same can be said for America. We have done well with our new homeland but a supposedly native population seeks to take it all away. Mestizos from Latin America claim they are natives all the time and so they have manufactured a false claim to this land. They claim oppression from Whites and many seek to tear away Mexico’s former territory if not the entire country. The “Chicano” and La Raza (the race) movement have sprung up as well, quite a while ago actually. Both wish to enact the “reconquista” via colonizing the American Southwest and presumably seceding.

The farm attacks have even been seen. In Patrick Buchanan’s “The Death of the West,” the story of one Theresa Murray, a resident of Douglas Arizona. Old and widowed, Ms. Murray lived in her ranch house by herself and so was an easy target.

Her ranch house was surrounded by a seven-foot chain-link fence that was topped with coils of razor wire. Every door and window had bars on it and was wired to an alarm. Mrs. Murray sleeps with a .32-caliber pistol on her bed table, because she has been burglarized thirty times. Her guard dogs are dead; they bled to death when someone tossed meast containing chopped glass over her fence.

This story was told to Buchanan in 1999 mind you. Of course, should this kind of thing will become common as it is in South Africa. Before long the Mestizos shall get testy and before long we’ll have our own horror stories of gruesome murders thrown at us weekly if not daily. We stand the chance of having a genocide thrown our way once we become a minority; and we’ve seen the same thing play out to our brethren in South Africa, though our Blacks do do the same horrors, just not as frequently. In things don’t change you can expect small American children to be murdered along with their entire family in the worst way possible on a weekly basis. Boiling them in a bathtub even. I would hope Americans would be sensible enough to oppose this, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

The main difference between the two nations is not who is doing the killing, it is that we have the ability to stop it. Whether we will has yet to be seen.


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