The question, “why do they hate us” is asked often by people of all colors and faiths. Some will say ethno-religious hatred is the manifestation of ignorant scapegoating, others say it is a perfectly rational response to certain actions taken by members of an ethnic, geographic or religious group. This is our view of the matter.

However, today’s article will not be a tirade against non-Whites or other particularly unsavory groups, but instead; in defense of the Southern Farmers. A group that is mocked and insulted perhaps more than any other group in American History! Why is this?

Cities corrupt. Cities are the centralization point of less honorable trades such as banking, commercial business, and of course, crime itself. They’re also completely separate from the Land, nature itself.

One can walk for miles in New York City, the living monument to the Yankee Lifestyle; without seeing a single blade of grass. There’s no soil, there’s no planning for the future, there’s no eugenics. The only place to be found resembling nature is a park, an idealized corruption of true wilderness.

Of course the sort of “advanced intellectuals” and “enlightened” types would swarm on these sorts of places. All that “blood and soil” stuff is outdated, it’s time to live in 2018 and leave behind our inheritance.

The White Southern Farmers have always been a mystery to the city dwelling Yankee and his Jewish friend, as Comrade Robert Jay Matthews pointed out all those years ago. It remains true today.

The City-Dwelling Jew knows he cannot fight you. Even if he managed to rally all 5 million inhabitants of New York City to flood out of their cesspool of human filth and into the Countryside to hunt us down! The Jew still knows that his soft knuckled Yankees and Marx reading Starbucks customers wouldn’t survive a day without their lattes!

This is why they hate us. They hate us, because they sense our strength. So instead of fighting us like men, they mock us and have to resort to subversive measures to beat us. They portray us as backward fools and “white trash.” This is the eternal weapon of the enemy and it will always remain so. May the rifle of the Southern Farm triumph over the pen of the Yankee Jews!

May the Southern People rise up in righteous anger and stop this oppression and indignation once and for all! To stop this deracination of the southern people, that the entire population will not be reduced to the level of the Charlottesville and Atlanta Dwellers as our enemy would have them!

Hail Victory!



  1. Did you ever think God may be pisst with us for turning our backs on Him, and going along with all the evils of this society, for 70+ years?

    The Bible is clear that, when The Good Lord is disappointed, eventually that rolls downhill, and it ain’t pretty.

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