Of all the common core subjects, history is truly the most neglected. Sure, the kids enjoy it for the most part because it’s easier than math and English (for most) and young boys are also more interested than girls. Nevertheless, by high school the subject is all but abandoned by the youth, save a few with an IQ above the average.

“Why must I learn about old dead men and people I don’t care about?” They cry. The cultural wasteland that is America warrants this excuse. All that matters is the present, at least to the average high schooler. They’ll come to at least care about the future a little, but not caring about the past is as equally dangerous as not caring about the future.

The basis of the American republic was built on the idea that a well-informed voting population would choose the direction of the country. That worked well and was carried out for quite a while, a century and a half some might say. To a certain extent elections are still decided by informed people, though not always anymore. 2008 proved that rule had surely been broken. Dumbing down the youth is vital to breaking it.

But there is much more at stake than an informed voting population. You see, history may be about old dead men that the average high schooler doesn’t care about, but it’s not just the men. It’s who they were, what they stood for, and how they led their lives. It gives us all a sense of identity as we learn of the tales of old heroes. Heroes such as Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and gallant Old Hickory at New Orleans all give us a sense of pride, something we can be proud of.

The Alamo is perhaps one of the best remembered and it has a right to be. Those Southerners were fighting for their freedom and fought to the death in a noble last stand. Rightfully we should honor them not just by telljng their story, but by installing in ourselves the same fervour for one’s homeland.

The left wouldn’t have that of course. Any identity the White man may conjure up is a threat to their agenda. It kindles a will in us to protect ourselves and fight back instead of being passive pushovers. They don’t want us identifying with our forefathers and so history must be altered to the point it is boring and uninteresting. A neverending tale of “evil White men” with no honoranle deeds to their name.

How can we blame our youth for being largelt disinterested in the past when they are indoctrinated and told the past was nothing but evil racists looking to put down the Black, Native, Jew, Asian, gay, transgender, and gender-fluid “individuals.” Especially in the South, history classes are 90 percent about slavery and the rest will be about the Holocaust. Some places they get that in English class as well because victimhood and such.

History is the most neglected of all subjects, but it is also the most important. History can not only prevent us from revisiting our mistakes (doesn’t mean it will), but it can teach us about who we are, where we come from, and what our values should be. Westerners today, especially the younger generation, are losing their sense of identity and place in the world. No people with such a rich and inspiring people should ever be so clueless about who they are. The question of who an American is continues coming up yet if history was hearkened to we would know full and well just who Americans are but that right has been deprived of us. We are directionless, aimless. America for the past few decades has floated through the years, slunking deeper into its cultural depression. It seems all American pride in the olden days has faded in the younger generations, again, leading to said directionless. One can’t help but think the destruction of true history has something to do with that

“To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots” Aleksander Solzhenitsyn


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