America is an oligarchy. Since the 1950s the entire cultural landscape of America has slowly changed and it has all been mandated by the Supreme Court. If the leftist marches require a change in legislature the court has their back.

Yesterday the court made an all new insanely ridiculous ruling. Trump’s restrictions on asylum seekers had barred ones who entered illegally from being able to apply for asylum. A federal judge in California (always California) blocked the order as did the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. What was the Supreme Court’s ridiculous ruling I mentioned? You guessed it! They blocked the Trump’s ban as well.

A few weeks ago they also voted to not hear a case on Planned Parenthood funding by states not wanting to suicidally sanction their children’s deaths. That case could have led to another hearing on abortion in general as Brown v. Board of Education did with segregation, but hey, states rights and murder don’t matter, do they? Might as well throw out the 10th amendment!

The Supreme Court has been continously inhabited by a bunch of clowns, deciding the fate of the whole country based on ideology and twisting the constitution to do so and upholding federal law that is unconstitutional. So long as they can advance their progressive views it can go. At any given time, progressives on the court will be able to swing the moderates on the court to advance their agenda, although really it is likely these “moderates” have an agenda that on the surface seems moderate but is ultimately progressive.

Serious reform must be enacted if we are to remain a republic. No nine people should have such a strong ability to change the law of the land, especially with virtually no checks or balances on their decisions. The hotheaded approach is to abolish the court entirely, but that is not a solution and as we see in a country like Britain, results in the constitution being completely ignored (although that is also slowly happening here).

First and foremost, to end the oligarchical nature of the court, an amount of years should be set that anyone person can be on the court. Ideally that would be no more than 15 and no shorter than 10 to keep up with generations. An age limit might also be set, seeing as how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg can hardly stand without falling, much less sit up without sleeping. Despite what her friends and family may say, she is obviously not healthy. Fulfilling her duties has subsequently been an issue; yesterday she was in the hospital for surgery and so it’s not known exactly how she cast her vote in yesterday’s ruling.

The court’s dual nature, split between federal and consitutional decisions is also somewhat problematic. The legislative branch is split, so I ask, why not split the judicial as well? Let’s consider a new system: have a nine-member court that handles the federal side of things and another that handles the constitutional side of things. The court has roughly 100-150 cases a year but is asked to review over 7,000. This would speed up the process and see more cases being heard. Of course a method woild be needed to classify the cases beforehand but that wouldn’t be too difficult as the case could go to whichever the plaintiff cites as the issue. If the defendant loses in the first court it sees and is claiming the case should have gone to the other court then it shall. In the event the consitutional court says the plaintiff’s issue violates the constitution but the federal law court says it violates a federal law then the law in question may be decided with a joining of the courts or by simply siding with the constitutional court. This may all seem pointless but it will force cases like the Planned Parenthood case to be looked at on a constitutional level. In the current system the justices have all sorts of means to make decisions, meaning they can pick and choose to suit their agenda which is what a case like the Planned Parenthood would have come down to had it been heard. The court would have ignored the clear violation of the 10th amendment and would have went off federal laws that violated said amendment. I confess I don’t know if this would work, it’s just food for thought.

Whatever the case, the Supreme Court is undoubtably too powerful and corrupt. The Justices are nothing more than oligarchs at this point. Under them, at their hand, America’s rigorous restrictions on immoral behaviors have been swept away. Without a solution, we will continue down the path of neverending leftism until the constitution is thrown out and federal law is something else entirely. America will become totally unrecognizable and the Supreme Court is one of the many higher up infestations of rampant leftism and globalism. Draining the swamp doesn’t mean ignoring the judicial branch and lifelong appointments like Kavanaugh aren’t helping.


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