Many folks in the alt-right, particularly in the Southern alt-right, are quick to call themselves “White Nationalists”. This does not mean a White supremacist, it just means a person that advocates for White interests. It seems to fit our interests very well, as that’s what we do. But not exactly.

White nationalism is a trap, not because it is morally wrong to be for your own group, not because it is sinful and “racist”. Rather, for Southerners especially, it is a trap because it causes us to abandon our own ethnic identities as an Anglo-Celtic people (with Germans sprinkled in). You see, the South was founded by these people and so these people (us) have a right to the land. Our culture is derived from these groups and the mixing of them and most of us have a little of each group even if we are primarily of one in particular.

However, some wish to not break it down to ethnicity, just the racial level and so you have many alt-right activists advocating for immigration from only Europe with no regard to the kinds of people we would be taking in. I have nothing against Slavs, I actually like them a lot as they are remarkably traditional, nationalistic, and religious, which cannot be said for Western Europe or America who we have ethnic ties to. They would make great additions to our land and region if ethnicity did not matter, but it does. Just like with Hispanics, if Slavs flooded the South, our culture would be wiped clean and we would be displaced. Hell, Yankees are descended mostly from the same European groups we are, but their culture is vastly different to ours and devoid of all meaning and so we reject the vast majority of their immigrants and would definitely have restrictions if we were a free people; but alas we are not. The same is true for Slavs and Southern Europeans as well. They simply do not assimilate as an Englishman would; not that assimilation is all that matters.

We have small enclaves of these people in the South and they fit in quite well. However, the only reason they do is because there isn’t enough to cause them to stand out. A few rebellious ones will of course but the descendants of those who came centuries ago and those who sought to assimilate have caused them to be transparent. If there was a large migration however that would all change. There’s no question about it; when large groups of a people group move together they stick together and as they flood the region they move to they are not required or obliged to assimilate. They take over.

This may not seem like a problem right now and it isn’t in the South, but when we do win, it is possible something of this nature could become a real issue. White nationalism will have stabbed us in the back. Look to Britain where millions of Poles take over just like the Arabs. The only difference is that they are peaceful. Nevertheless, British children are displaced in their own country by other White folks who some ignorant alt-righters would consider their ally. They’re not an ally though, not when they come and alienate us by talking in their own language and glaring as Poles do in Britain.

Of course these people can be great allies so long as they are not also tearing down the host culture as they do in Britain. I implore and readily support the right to these people’s self determination in their own countries but they should not be supplanting us in ours. As a sidenote, none of this means we should be deporting the Slavs or Southern Europeans we do have here because as stated previously, they are not a problem.

While on vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina there was a moment when a rush of French people came through a store I was at. Hopefully they were tourists, because they certainly weren’t Southern. They spoke French, not English, were extremely rude, and bumped into people without the slightest care. They came and went but you can imagine if this was to be your small Southern town. Perhaps they weren’t tourists, suppose they were immigrants. These are the issues that could face us in the future if nearsighted spergs were to gain power. At least Yankees speak English.

White nationalism is not for the Southern man, that is clear. We are our own group, our own set of people, and that deserves to be preserved. There is no reason to throw that away because some people in Eastern Europe hate gays and have common sense. Such reasoning is silly and the priorities are clearly not in the right place. To an Anglo-Celtic South I pledge my allegiance, not one for one with all the peoples of Europe.


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  1. ‘Yankees are descended mostly from the same European groups we are, but their culture is vastly different to ours ‘

    Every physical land has a soul of it’s own, too, and, just because you may start out with similar blood to others settling a nearby place, does not mean you remain the same.

    Differences between peoples cannot be put down to blood alone, not by a long shot.

    The soul of a land confers upon a people, no matter where their ancestors roamed, a unique identity, view, and experiencing, as a community.
    The soul of the land where a people drwells confers upon them a col

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