Demographic and economic trends have shifted in the past century. Western nation states which had a largely rural agrarian economy manned by workers who more or less looked like one and other, spoke a common language, and practiced the same religion. Of course with the exemption of the occidental nations formed in mostly colonial territory who often possessed a distinct yet historically tied plurality ethnic group making the minority. Prior to pushes by internationalists and their various stately, financial, and jurisprudential apparatuses, the nation state tended to implement policies of immigration which would ultimately benefit their nation as a whole. Now as we enter into the twenty first century we have entered into the age of the global man. You are no longer a German, or a Frenchman or a man of the Wolof tribe or a Mongol. You are a global citizen living within the perimeters of a formerly sovereign state. Borders which no longer act as a barrier to ensure safety and order but rather now the borders of the world are but mere speed bumps and cause for extra paper work for the bureaucracies or ultra-national corporations and “peace keeping” coalitions. It is actually rather remarkable to consider. A man in Norway, a man in Nairobi and a man in Vietnam right now as we speak are probably wearing the same exact make of tennis shoe.

Culture comprises many facets of a person’s lived experiences. There is the tangible material culture and there is the intangible immaterial culture. It was these distinct expressions which the peoples of the world discriminated the “us” from the “them”. It was an outward manifestation of the creative spirit that their forefathers fostered through time in tradition. This is why the commodification of culture is so heart breaking.

The capitalist knows no loyalty. He only knows profit. The capitalist manipulates states and their fiat currency to exploit isolated cultures. The capitalist bonds the poor, the uneducated, the less fortunate to cold unsympathetic wage slavery. Capitalism does this not only within the borders of western nations but likewise now throughout the developing world. To learn more about this commercial transition I would implore you to explore the topic of “deindustrialization” and how capitalists through “free trade” will hook vast swaths of population into industrial wage slavery then outsource manufacturing the developing nations leaving their former hosts impoverished and their new hosts oppressed.
The internationalists (capitalists) view men as interchangeable. They are Philistines. The capitalist has no appreciation for tradition and beauty. Nor does he concern himself with the common good of men. He knows no loyalties. He does not wish to bring grandeur to the lands of his fathers. The capitalist wishes for nothing more than to reduce the entire human population to wage slavery. Mindless consumers who make enough to pay rent on a cookie cutter apartment or a dull house in the suburbs. He wants you to taste the superficial spices of life as seen through nations foreign and abroad via a faux gmo laced duplicate. “I ate Pizza Hut Monday, PF Changs on Tuesday, and Pita pit on Wednesday.” Aren’t you quite the cosmopolitan.
The commercialization of traditional ethnic cultural expressions is harmful to the integrity of nation as a whole. The capitalist will never provide authenticity.

There are certain elements of a people’s lived experience which can not be mass produced, boxed and packaged up then sold to the masses. For many who have been inflicted with capitalism the pervasiveness of their wage slavery no longer allows them to participate in their traditional ways of life. They’re forced to purchase from the faceless, nationless capitalist goods which would have abound the life of their grandfathers. It is with this power the capitalist can alter men’s perceptions of themselves.

We as Cajuns experience this first hand. Go to Winn Dixie or Walmart and look at the “Cajun” spice aisle. (For the record “cajun” isn’t a flavor) and you’ll see gimmick after gimmick of spice typically owned in whole (as for the larger brands) or in part (some of the local brands) by Anglos and other foreign capitalists. The stickers are made elsewhere the plastic which makes up the container is made elsewhere. Look at the label and you’ll see some dopey cartoon of what the Anglo portrays as a Cajun, acting a fool. Turn on the television and you can learn to be a real Cajun at the example of Bobby Boucher. The capitalist does not mind if you have a nostalgic connection to a palate from times before your own or if you speak with a funny accent (as long as you speak English, if you’re White). The capitalist is not threatened if you fly an Acadiana flag or appreciate Cajun music. If you go to work for your wage, Drive an automobile, watch your television, go to college, pay your taxes to the state which protects their enterprises, and never ever organize for or promote “hateful” ideas which challenge the status quo, which is their hegemony, the capitalist will glance over you and feel no concern.

We must not allow our culture to merely be a product bought and sold. We can not allow capitalists to define who we are. We must not allow our way of life fade into novelty. Us Cajuns are not unique in this struggle. The capitalist has been waging economic warfare en masse to all the peoples of the world. They act as agents of subversion. While we as individuals do not possess the networks and faculties to universally reject their offenses. After all our atomization was of their intentional making. We as cajuns must in our personal lives make concerted efforts to emancipate ourselves from the grips of the capitalist fiend so that we may be a model or success to all other nations from Europe to Africa to Asia and Oceania.

Let us appreciate diversity. The way we do this is by the reinstitution of those political and cultural lines which made us unique. Separation is not hatred. I wish that every nation of men of every race could enjoy sovereignty and the ability to continue fueling the fires of creativity which they have inherited through the millennia.

In order to achieve victory it demands the participation of every one of us. First initially we must refuse to support the cheapening novelization of our cultures. Do not vote with your dollar to keep institutions and corporations which are hostile towards you around. Don’t be a patron at the tourist trap restaurant. Do not shop at the Walmarts and the Walgreens. Visit a local tailor and commission him to make your clothes. Go to your local farmers market and support those local communities around you. You have to eat anyway. Why send your money to be lined in the pocket of some predator capitalist who sees nothing but dollar signs. That same money could be spent on fresh local foods and could go towards the raising of a child in a family in your community.

Then there are longer term goals we should look to achieve. Own your own land. Own your own businesses. Do not import goods and materials from outside your domain. Speak your native language. Wear traditional clothing. Set up annuities, and savings so that your children may have the capital to create businesses and dodge the fiscal and intellectual blackhole ironically called “higher education.” Take care of your own. Pool resources for a funeral or a rainy day fund if someone in your community is injured or has fallen sick to supplement their house and insure their well-being. I am not suggesting to turn a blind eye to the world around you. Rather, monitor and analyze the political dealings in the state in which you subside so that your family and the families in your town or communities can better posture themselves and be resilient in the face of adversity.

We do not live in a fair world. Nobody cares more for your survival than you. Nobody cares more about your safety than you. Cooperate with those around you and take care of one another. Love one another. Be present in the lives of those around you. Atomization is a weapon of the capitalist. Humans possess the capacity for abstraction and communication so that they may work in teams to achieve goals too large for any one individual. The capitalist works in tandem with his cabal in the state and within his industry.

Do not fall into despair. You do not have to save the world. All you have to do is save your world. And with the cooperation of those around you it is possible. It takes effort and it takes intentionality. But never doubt that it is achievable.

By Jean Baptiste Boudreaux AKA Eco Cajun


Note from Editor (Ewell): I’d like to let our readers know that this following year the site will be covering a more wide range of topic and groups/regions of Dixie. This includes the Acadian/Cajun people of Southern Louisiana. As Southern Nationalists we believe in embracing our cultural identities instead of surrendering them to bigger (false) dream of globalization, thus why I’m putting up articles from Mr Boudreaux. I also will be looking to get articles from and about the other various regions of Dixie such as the Tide Water region of Virginia or the Appalachia people’s of the Blue Ridge. Please follow and go to to view more of Eco-Cajuns material also note that this a republishing since Eco Cajun had this article on his home blog for while.



  1. I had wanted to write an article discussing the unique ethnic settlement of each state in Dixie but couldn’t find much that went into detail on this subject. There’s broad ethnic settlement (anglos in Virginia and the Deep South, French in Louisiana, Scotch-Irish in Appalachia), but there was also smaller, more ‘diverse’ settlement in areas like Texas and North Carolina that very few know about.

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  2. Texas experienced large amounts of German and Czech immigration during its days as a Republic. However, it was founded originally by Anglo/Scotch-Irish Southerners and Castizos who were expanding West.

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