I’ve been pondering this Winter over where we went wrong and how to create a better South. I’ve also came to the full conclusion that our enemies are total and complete reprobates. Our enemies are a plenty, in numbers and degeneracy only. The controlled mass media (think Hollywood elite) and the “deep state”/swamp being our biggest enemy. Then you also have the violent hordes of leftist filth who come to Dixie with the intent to “reform” us, meaning they’ll insult, besiege and plunder us. These Puritan minded zealots who have long since thrown off the vail of their separatist religion have come to fully embrace cultural Marxism and ultimately Satanism. Take for instance the media’s unabashed embracement of the 11-year-old drag queen. New York City now has or had clubs that openly embrace pedophilia, the people of New York actually allow this filth to take place on their soil; pathetic.

The Army of Satan

The mere fact that America as a whole allows this is an indictment on this country’s state. Like I mentioned in my last article, a country that does not safeguard its youth does not deserve to survive. Much less a nation that literally turns its youth into homosexuals to be paraded in front of crowds of horny drunken homosexual men. This of course was all preventable, it really was. You had Nationalists and Christians for decades warning this was going to happen once you embrace homosexuality on a societal level. The key to that embrace was legalizing gay marriage, thus giving homosexuality legitimacy. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Then, as always, you had the godless controlled media pushing it in their stories and TV shows. They somewhat normalized it, or at the minimum they normalized the “acceptance” of it on the national level by 2015. This would never have been possible in a Free Dixie, only with an occupying force such as the US Empire has it been possible. Like always the masses failed to see any bigger picture or scheme and now many people who once clapped and bowed their knees to “gay marriage” now wonder how we got to child drag queens. These moral weaklings and wimps still fail to see the big picture and the fact that this is only another miserable symptom of a society that dejects and scorns God and his Biblical principles. A society that puts the love of wealth and pleasure above duty and honor, a society that isn’t Southern. Had this nation been ruled by men like Governor Talmadge or Senator Bilbo instead of the corrupt Blue Blog New Yorker FDR we might have found ourselves on a different path now. Our nation crushed the idea of raising their youth to be warrior nationalists and duty-bound fighters and to instead let them “have fun”. “Being duty bound and nationalist is too much like those Nazi Youth or those other fascist bastards”. America was probably more or less done for after it attacked Germany in 1941 thus sending it into it’s ever downward spiral of chasing the perfect democracy of freedoms and equality. Yes, there was certainly chances here or there to change course but in the big picture getting involved in WWII was death trap. The story of America’s decline is a complicated yet easy to see one. We should have heeded the Southern way, which embraced the Bible way. That’s all history now, unfortunately we can’t go back in time and warn those people or perhaps whip some others. However, we can learn from their mistakes and what they did right. Now it is up to us to raise the banner, the banner of Southern Nationalism. A Southern Nationalism that is complete, one that embraces God and the principles he laid out in his word. In light of currently reading a book on General Stonewall Jackson I can firmly see where the future of Southern Nationalism lays. We must make sure to anchor ourselves as Southerners, to not fall into the trap of moral decay, moral decay will weaken our resolves or even kill us. Thus, is why our numerous enemies force degeneracy down our throats. Keep your resolve and keep your honor. We must hold fast and defend our Southern ways and traditions like men. During this Winter we should be looking in the mirror and around the Christmas table. Ask yourself if you’re ready for a Free Dixie. Are you ready to embrace the Southern way or the cosmopolitan way? Will you do your duty as a son, daughter, wife, or father or will be a selfish shirker? Will you allow your children or siblings to be corrupted by the system? The same system that pumps out fatherless children and child drag queens. The same system that allows your daughters to be deviled and violated by criminals. The same system that does its best to break down the family unit and split men and women only bringing the two together to do evil. Will you submit to God or the Devil?



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