Over the past week or so I have used Patrick Buchanan’s, “The Death of the West” in a few of my articles. Written in 2001, the book shows in great detail the perils our civilization is going through, many of which have only been magnified since the book’s inception.

The focusing point of the book is really not the immigrant invasions as stated in it’s subtitle, but rather the cultural revolution that has undertaken America’s radical change since the dreaded 60s. With Antonio Gramsci and other Marxist philosophers from the Frankfurt school, the radical left has set about establishing a communist state that will last. Russia under the Soviet Union never abandoned its Western culture and so once the guns were gone the nation became a traditionalist country once again, seemingly doing a political 180, although really it was just the people retaking the country.

In the West however, the Marxists have set about making their communist dystopia not through revolution but by changing the hearts and minds of the people so that it will not end. This is the cultural revolution; it is Marxism. Because our traditional Western culture is the greatest adversary to Marxism, the Marxists must destroy it. Because our culture breeds rightwing philosophies and prosperity with them, they must destroy it. They are evil, plain and simple. They want power and we are against it. So what do they do? They call us racists, bigots, fascists, blaspheme our god, and constantly push the boundaries of right and wrong. Degeneracy for this reason is oh so prevalent today.

The immigrant invasions are a component of the destabalizing force. These immigrants will happily vote for Marxist doctrine whereas native Whites are the only thing keeping the Republican party alive. So immigration is increased to replace the Western peoples as the cultural revolution strips away their soul.

The cultural revolution however is at the core of all our issues. Were it not for the revolution, Western women would not be promiscuous or hedonistic so abortions would be rare if not outright banned and our declining population would instead be growing which in turn would mean no reason for immigration. Not only that but the slow march of the government and its socialism would have halted utterly under Reagan if not before him and we would now be discussing issues such as how to clone ourselves. Joking aside, immigration must be taken on by rightwingers but the cultural revolution and its leaders are at the heart of the issue.

With the cultural revolution comes many issues close at heart for us Southerners like our statues and flags. being taken down. Though he doesn’t focus on it too much, Buchanan does deliver a few respectful nods of approval to the South, pointing out the removal of Confederate statues and flags. He is Southern by blood after all. Indeed the removal of such symbols is a recurring example in the book’s later chapters.

We have provided a somewhat powerful front for the cultural revolution when it comes to the statues. Sure, some have been taken down, but many have stayed after attempts and talks of removal. The battle is far from over, but if we are to win on this issue something else must be addressed that Buchanan pays special attention to. That is the neo-conservative cowardice on controversial topics as well as the neverending desire to somehow gain minority voters.

They are excited when a Black man wears a MAGA hat. “See, we’re not racist!” They cry, hopelessly. Why has the Republican party spent the last 50 years pandering to minorities when it is only because of White voters that they can even get elected. It’s lunacy truly, and it must be crushed. Being stuck in between two political parties that don’t give a damn about Whites is horrible for us and that is why we must fight so hard to push the neocons out of the party. Trump was a good start, but there is much work to be done.

This work must also consist of addressing true issues and taking a true stance instead of scurrying away to avoid criticism fron leftwing harpies. It seems another major tenet of the cultural revolution has been to breed utter corwardice.

All in all Buchanan’s book shows how far we have come. Views like these are gradually becoming mainstream. He also shows how dire our situation is as immigrants replace us, our populations shrink, and our faith dies. Seceding from the cultural norm is vital to our survival, but so is invading the political sphere and placing ourselves as a truly powerful force. This is in the process of happening thankfully. It’s all a fight for our country and our civilization, it is a war of many fronts, and one we cannot afford to lose.


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