There’s three things that nearly all neocons agree on; number one is that socialism is horrid; number two is that immigrants are great so long as they are legal (that magic piece of paper and magic soil); and three, and perhaps the one they all agree on, that Israel is our greatest ally.

Why is this so? Why is Israel our greatest ally? Most of it stems from the cuckoldry and false doctrine that has infested evangelical churches, stating that Jews are God’s chosen people. The other parts of this belief stem from believing what you are told and the fact that Israel is supposedly the only democracy in the Middle East (not true). I’ll leave the religious side of that debate for another article. For now, I will simply show how Israel is most certainly not our greatest ally. The first place to start looking is the beginning of Israel, and yes, it all started with a jab at America for Israel’s sake, which seems to be a recurring theme in Israel’s history. We’ll need to turn the clocks back to WWI.

The year is 1917 and the first world war rages on. Europe is split between two main powers, the Central Powers with Germany, and the allies chiefly led by the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. Russia however was close to collapsing which would free up many German and Austro-Hungarian forces to fall on the Western Front. The situation was dire for the allies and a replacement was going to be needed for Russia who, again, was proving unreliable in the fight.

By this time the zionist movement which sought a homeland for the Jews was itching for action and progress toward their goal. Long story short, a plan was devised to get America into the war. The Rothschilds would lessen the Jewish opposition to the war in America and use their connections to warmonger; in exchange Palestine would be declared as a Jewish homeland, a national home.

Once this end was accomplished as we know it was, the Balfour declaration was made to Lord Rothschild. Originally a private letter, it was publicized for all to see despite the fact that nothing was guaranteed yet. It did all fall into place however. And so, the foundation for the Jewish state of Israel was born by getting Americans to shed their blood in a war that was in hindsight quite useless. Israel wasn’t founded as a state until 1948 but the migration started soon enough. Yes, funnily enough, the meme “die for Israel” is how Israel was even born.

Ask yourself what we were fighting for in World War I? To bring democracy to Europe is the usual claim. In truth however it was to bail out Britain and create the Jewish homeland. Yes, we lost over 115,000 men for this silly cause, for this state that would use us as its puppet instead of the other way around. That’s not even mentioning that we did this for the same people that essentially founded and spread Marxism around the world.

The entire situation is similar to what we have today where these people get us into wars for the sake of Israel. The intelligence given to us about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was Israeli intelligence which was later admitted to be faulty. This is just part of Israel’s grand plan to establish “Greater Israel” which they believe God granted them. Again, I’ll leave this for a separate article but it should be stated that if Israel wanted to claim land based on what they had in biblical times, they should add no more than Gaza, modern-day Palestine, Lower Syria, and Western Jordan at most, with Lower Syria being a stretch.

This is what they claim however. They are expansionist lunatics, constantly expanding their state then claiming victimhood status. If they must trample on America to do so then so be it, they’ll do it. If they are our ally they’re not a very good one and definately not the greatest. John Bolton recently told his reasoning for why Trump’s pullout from Syria is bad. It’s supposedly negative because Iran is “literally” on Israel’s border. I say, so what? Israel aims to be on Iran’s border after it steamrolls the nations between them. Trump is right to pull troops out of Syria, lest they be used for this insane goal we have no business in whatsoever.



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