Coming into the second week of the government shutdown we are constantly hearing the controlled media’s grumblings over “the mean orange man”. They are telling us we are in the middle of a downward spiral and more loudly they are telling us we don’t need a wall because “it won’t work”. Lies, all lies. The truth is that President Trump made the right move, despite his initial tumbling and almost punking out, he must keep the government shutdown. He made the wise decision to put the Democrats on the defense this time, a place they rarely find themselves against the GOP. Tactically it was necessary, for the nation it is necessary. We need the wall. Waves and waves of illegals from South of the border come to plunder and leech off the American taxpayer, some even come to rape and outright steal from us. We know this, as does Trump, and even the media knows it. They however, wish for us to be weakened and plundered because they hate us.

The average White liberal on the streets wants this to happen to feed their addiction of virtue signaling and the rush of euphoria and feels it gives them. These people are mentally and spirtitually sick, if not wicked. This is why I don’t give a dime about a few sickly migrant kids dying on the border, don’t let the media get you teary eyed over such things. For how many American kids have died at the hands of latino thugs? Can we forget Molly Tibbetts and Kate Steinle so early? Well, actually yes. Molly’s mother certianlly did, not to mention her pathetic treason-loving father.

Her father only seems to remember that “tasty” Hispanic food, calling the invaders “Iowans with better food”. Pathetic. Her mother, perhaps trying to out-virtue signal her spouse, has housed a kinsmin of her daughter’s killer. This wretched witch is housing the invaders even after one of them slaughtered her own daughter. This isn’t forgiveness but betrayal and weakness. Perhaps mother Tibbetts seeks relations with the young-17-teen year old Mexican she’s taken in, maybe he has something “tasty” to her liking? I’m sure Mr. Tibbetts wouldn’t mind at all if so. A whore mother and a spineless father.

What should we suspect as I have heard that these people actually are from California, if not directly out of Silicon Valley! California is a hotbed of cowardice and depravity. The state has the spirit of a prostitute. People like Tibbett’s folks aren’t even human but instead empty husks who have been consumed by their own self loathing and Marxism. They’re drones; cogs and nothing else. The only thing anyone will remember them for is their weak-will and timidity for the murderer of their own daugther. Tibbetts’ father is your typical cosompoltian blood sucker, he has no feelings. Robert Tibbetts lacks all empathy that isn’t aimed at non-Whites, and only then when he can win applause from hordes of liberals. Robert Tibbetts is an utter failure as a father and guardian of his offspring. He’s a shirker of his God given duty and now this windbag is one of the same quislings calling for the government to be reopened so that we may never get our wall. President Trump must keep the government shutdown if he is to keep vipers like Robert Tibbetts and his beloved brown predators at bay. Trump has a point that must of the fed workers who are “suffering”, according to the media, are Democrats. Democrats who no doubt are the same sort of bloodsuckers like Mr.Tibbetts. Furthermore we must be firm and do our own duties as Southerners, unlike Mr. Tibbetts. We must demand we get the wall that Trump promised us in 2016 and that we don’t care how many Third World runts die while attempting to breach our border, at the hands of their own neglectful parents, nor how many federal works, most of which are incompetent buffoons, have to “suffer“. Give Us Our Wall!


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  1. While I agree with this article,I am wondering if perhaps the parents were threatened with death or paid a large sum of money.Also,maybe the whole thing was a set up to say their daughter was murdered,etc.and then that they are forgiving,”show”americans that”illegals are ok”and should be allowed in our country.Kind of like the fake Sandy Hook School shooting in Ct.that is now being used to try to take away and end our gun rights.


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