2018 was quite a year to say the least. A lot was accomplished, and I would dare say it was a net gain for our movement. A review would then be in order.

In regard to our movement and the decline of America, the regrettable Parkland shooting kicked off the year, setting about a whole new round of pushes for gun control. Red flag laws now stand to become federal law and bump stocks are banned as a result, not to mention the mouth pieces that have spawned via exploiting the whole incident’s aftermath.

One of the most influential victories we had this year was in the Italian elections where Matteo Salvini came to power and Italy’s rightwing rose along with him. This has led to furth weakening of the EU as well as more and more deportations of the migrant freeloaders.

Another regrettable action was the second wave of missile strikes conducted by our hotheaded president on Syria. However, I believe he has made up for it now as he has now announced the withdrawal of our troops from Syria. We also withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council, a council that seeks to impose a worldly morality on the entire globe.

It is really the latter end of the year that shines though. Protests in Chemnitz saw the migrant population made aware that native Germans would not be trampled on forever. Election-wise, the AfD grew in Germany, causing Angela Merkel to forget about seeking reelection. The Sweden Democrats (rightwing) also grew, putting Sweden’s government in gridlock as no party wishes to form a coalition with the Democrats. Sure, it wasn’t as much as we would like to see, but it was a gain. Additionally, Brazil elected the Brazilian Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, although really he is better than Trump. As for the midterms, several bullets were dodged and the blue wave wasn’t as harmful as it could have been. Republicans may have lost the House but we gained in the Senate. Southern governorships in Florida and Georgia we also defended with candidates far better than the standing governors.

Of course, no rightwing review of 2018 would be complete without mentioning the Yellow Vest riots in France which threw Macron’s regime into disarray and caused him to roll back some of his progressive actions. While they seem to have ended, they will be remembered.

The Global Migration Compact was also rejected by quite a few Western countries, although have not rejected it yet. In truth I doubt the countries that have agreed to sign the compact will do much else with it than get worse but at the same time the countries that have agreed to it (like Britain) will need radical things like this to push the White majority over the edge into outright rebellion or at least mass rioting which I would argue is long overdue in Britain especially. Infringing on freedom of speech requires as much, especially when it is the majority that is suppressed.

The recent few weeks have also led to promising behavior from Trump. As mentioned before, he has chosen to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan but has also shut down the government to secure funding for the border wall, an action that should have been done sooner. What comes of that has yet to be seen, but it is sure to bring us somewhat closer to getting our much needed wall.

In conclusion, 2018 has seen a large rising of the rightwing, both in government and on the streets. The fruits of our victories will surely be felt very soon in the countries they haven’t already been felt in such as Brazil. There were some defeats, but such is the nature of politics and the world in general.

Here’s hoping for an even better, more productive, beneficial year in 2019.


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  1. Southerners continue to be deluded and asleep, or, at least, so it seems to this one, who lives in the swamps of Northeastern North Carolina.

    Still, there were pleasing moments, as you appropriately list, and, yes, Europe is a quickly changing landscape, which is very good, because, if most of our Southern Brethren continue to snooze, some of us may need to acknowledge that The South, the South we knew and loved, is graveyard dead, and, thus, we’ll have to find new homes.

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