The slippery slope has been proven true. We all knew it was, only dim witted normies and other weak minded libertines didn’t. Dixie fought it. We fought all the various degeneracies that have been mainstreamed over the decades. Like always though we are overpowered by the System who just steamrolls us “rebels”. Now however more and more people are “waking up” or atleast becoming disgusted with the current society that is given and controlled by the lying media.

We can clearly see this by how people rejected the neo-con/Democrat status quo in 2016. This is why the media holds so much hatred and utter loathing for Trump, he broke their established narratives. However the GOP has totally neglected the Culture War as always, which is why you have child drag queens being openly promoted on mainstream TV shows like Good Morning America. The average American, who lives outside the cosmopolitan cities, is disgusted but still ignores or says “it’s not my problem and I can’t do anything about it”. In reality it is every real man’s duty to fight this degeneracy. Failure to combat such evil is a failure of manhood and makes one a coward. Please just start with getting rid of your TV’s, throw them out of your window. At the very least we should be warning our youth of the evil of the mass media; again, Trump has helped discredit and break the trust people had with the media. I’ll give him credit where its due. We still cannot allow such wicked things to take place in our nation. Pastors and clergymen should be excoriating these perverted vermin every Sunday; instead many of them speak only of the love, of course they forget the tale of Sodom & Gomorrah. I thought we were to preach the whole Bible?

I think it is truly up to Southern Nationalists to expose these vipers who would parade children in such a light. I do think the Southern people would side with us, especially on the topic of protecting our youth from these deviant predators. Who wouldn’t? The Democratic Party… That’s another thing. I fully believe we should further and deepen the divide between the two parties. The current government shutdown is a Godsend for us secessionists. It fully demonstrates the failure of the Federal Union and how America won’t be coming together like some weaklings would like. Again the media and Trump’s fighting ironically aides our mission of a Free Dixie. I hope President Trump will hold his ground and keep the government shutdown. I enjoy seeing the leftists sleeze-bags lose their minds over their god (the government) being shutdown. Leftists are just showing their true colors more and more, now abandoning their successful boil the frog strategy. It is now an all-out dash to finish us off before we wake up! They have always desired child drag queens and this gender insanity and chaos, they love chaos, they want see society turned on it’s head. We Southerners embrace tradition and hierarchy while they seek always to destroy tradition. Just think of how they attack everything for the most childish reasons, example being the Boy Scouts. These people can’t be reasoned with or debated, they are reprobates.


I am speaking of the SJW sort of people who nest in our cities, not your average American. The sort of people who read Buzzfeed and think they’re “Nazi-Hunters”. Yet also I speak of the snakes-in-suits who dominate the corporate world, subversive sociopaths who seek only to amass wealth and power at all cost. Your CEO’s like Zuckerberg or Marc Benioff. These people all operate at a very different level than us and I’m talking about a spiritual level not just economic.

In their pursuit of earthly power they have sold their souls to the master of the world, Satan. These vipers care nothing about other people, they can’t feel that deep. This is why these people never fail to disgust/amaze us with their wickedness. We wonder, “How could someone be so wicked and vile?”, yet it should be an easy answer. I believe God has given them over to their fleshly lust and avaricious. These people aren’t really humans in the sense of the word, but more akin to husks and walking corpses or even demons. They lack any true senses of feeling or appreciation for beauty. I think the NPC memes have validity that goes beyond the meme. Just think about it, what excites these people? Movies, TV sitcoms, and shopping malls. Materialism is what they love and enjoy almost in a orgy sense of love. We Southerners and Christians love our God, heritage and family, they hold up their trinkets. Sure we can enjoy our materials, but these people’s lives revolve around their pathetic shows and fan fictions like Steven Universe or some dreaded Japanese media.

Example of a reprobate SJW


I believe that the SJW NPC and virtue signaling CEOs/Hollywood elitists are really the same mold and caliber of people just at different stages of power. However I do think the corporate CEO or powerful reprobates are almost at another level of demonic evil. These people have found mass power through their years of back stabbing and lying. They don’t feel emotions other than lusty pleasure whether for money and power in and of itself or sexual perversions. Just like their fellow reprobates on Buzzfeed who constantly push out new sexual fetishes, they too have their perversion and are also hosts of wickedness. While the average working man might struggle with the bottle, lust, or gambling, it is usually with a sense of inner shame and they come to hate themselves for their failures and seek to overcome their short comings. These people aren’t reprobates. These powerful Reprobates on the other hand fully embrace and lavish in their evil ways, sure some like Weinstein and Kevin Spacey keep their evils behind close doors, only due to the standing law, but they love their ways. Not only do they love their sins, they seek to spread them to everyone. My proof is the hundreds of scandals that have busted open in the Hollywood scene. These people are warped and worship Satan, perhaps not literally but in their acts they sure do. They help further his mission and plans, whether pushing for abortion, infelicity or homosexuality. The powers that rule America and the world are evil, whether Hollywood, Corporations or the Deep State Swamp.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Don’t let this discourage you but let it strengthen your resolve, for we Southern Nationalists are fighting the servants of Satan, the Enemies of God.



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