With the new year here, our movement must be looking ahead, planning and plotting our next moves and making our ambitions come true. Many elections are happening this year, allowing us a chance to continue the march of our nationalist movement that has been sweeping the West.

European elections we should be looking at will be held in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, The Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Britain, and finally Ireland. To add on top of that, Canada and South Africa will be having elections. Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana will also be holding gubernatorial elections.

As you can see, we have a lot of room to gain. At the very least progress can be made. Moreover, the Brexit scandal unleashing in Britain could potentially lead to unrest which in all honesty would be best for Britain at this point. Something needs to oush them over the edge and a sabotaged Brexit just might do that.

It’s too soon to try to predict the gubernatorial races in America and Trump is constantly getting sidetracked but what we can look forward to for the coming weeks are that Trump’s shutdown to establish funding for the wall will hopefully succeed. The pullout of troops from Afghanistan and Syria can also be looked forward to.

A revival of the yellow vest protests may also be sparked within the coming weeks as many grievances are still held and the holidays are now over. It’s doubtful that will happen though. Today Jair Bolsonaro will also take office so we can expect a lot of great things to start coming out of Brazil, though they most likely won’t all be positive for our movement. He is an incredibly large Israel supporter so there is that.

With a new year comes new promises, new victories, new disappointments, and new defeats. Such is the nature of politics and movements. I urge you to keep your chin up, be optimistic and be hopeful. Our fight has a long way to go.

With that said, Happy New Years!


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