Recently a Confederate monument in downton Winston-Salem was vandalized and will now have to be relocated. It had been vandalized with spraypaint and later cleaned up before. This time however the offense was much worse. Yes, indeed! It was not done with spraypaint this time, it did not have a hammer taken to it or a bomb. No… it was vandalized by a sharpie!

In all seriousness, this has led to its removal not because the city is trying to preserve the statue and prevent another Silent Sam incident. The vandalization is being used as an excuse. Why the current vandalism can’t simply be washed away is left unanswered.
“It is a symbol of oppression and the subjugation of the African-American people and so it’s hurtful to many in our community,” claimed the mayor about the statue.

Needless to say for any unreconstructed Southerner, he is just plain wrong. These statues are not to symoblize African oppression. They memoralize the sacrifice our ancestors made for our sake as well as their bravery and fortitude. Our ancestors thrust themselves into the belly of the beast for our independence, why on Earth would be forget that? Sure, many of them had slaves, but that was no matter to most of them and the cause of independence to form a more perfect union was of most importance.

It would be a lie to claim that Confederate monuments are just a memorial to those who fought. It would be a lie to claim that there is no deeper meaning.

That deeper meaning cannot be ignored, nor should it. You see, these statues are symbols of ourselves alongside our ancestors. In them we see ourselves and our dear Southland in a time when our fate was in our hands. They are symbols, not of African oppression, but of Southern freedom and identity. Just like the flag they symoblize the South despite being rooted in war.

Many of the statues were erected shortly after the war by grieving widows and orphans. Many more however were erected later as the South entered an age where it was free once again, free from Northern meddling that is (for the most part). That time period existed roughly between the beginning of the 20th Century and the 50s. Naturally the go-to symbols were the Confederate ones, and so Confederate flags reemerged and statues were erected.

In those statues the South saw an idealized picture of what a Southerner was. Brave young men ready to die for their nation like in the case of Silent Sam, or glorious generals, ready to sacrifice their lives so that the South may be free.

When you pass by a monument, especially large ones like can be found in state capitols, it is hard to ignore them. Therefore they force Southerners to remember who they are; this is why the left truly wishes to destroy them and why many Southerners wish to put them in museums. The left’s goal is to do away with our pride as a people and put in a new culture of masochism which is only now really coming to fruition in the South. We are the most conservative area of the United States and perhaps even North America. In regards to the whole West even, we are one of the most conservative people you will find, having just 20 percent of us vote Democrat and many more voting Republican for true conservative reasons rather than neo-con ones.

The reconstructed Southerner of which there are too many wish to remove the statues and put them in museums because of their indoctrination and guilt over what they see as a war waged for poor causes. Though they claim they want to preserve the statues for sake of history, in truth their desire is to forget all about it and relegate it to an obscure footnote in history. The fact the statues inhabit our city centers and are in plain sight is too much and so they must be removed.

The supposed solutions to deal with the issue the left has created over Southern statues for the reconstructed Southerner are to either remove them entirely, put them in a museum, or add a plaque that clarifies what the war was fought over. As we know, appeasement with the left never works and it would only be a few years before the leftover monuments would again be attacked. They want to fight us and so they must be obliged, there is no running away. Giving them an inch, especially over one of the last stronghold we maintain, is not a solution, that is cowaradice and anyone who does so is exactly what the author of the defacing on the Winston-Salem sees us. To run away and appease the left in order to virtue signal about how you are not a racist is to be a coward and a traitor.

Don’t give an inch, take one.


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