While I do think congress hasn’t been worth a cent in decades this newest incoming congress has to be among the worse, perhaps the worst since the Radical Reconstruction one. I mean where do we start? The media has been in an orgy of cultural Marxism singing it’s praises for the new diverse, meaning less White men, congress. While we have many decent GOP Politicians coming in and some others, who aren’t so good, like Paul Ryan and Flake are leaving, not to mention War Monger McCain has taken a permanent trip to the center of the earth, the Democrats have stuffed congress with total and complete imbeciles of all shades and colors. They are bragging about how many women now are in congress now being led by the harpy high queen Pelosi. These women are power hungry and disobedient jezebels who defy God and his laws openly. The Desert Hag, Senator Krysten Sinema (ARZ-D), made sure to openly reject the Bible by refusing to swear in using it and instead using her true holy book, that being a law book. While many have hand waved this as Sinema’s supposed love for the Constitution, it’s clear that this was just her trying to stick it to Christians and God. The only way she even won in Arizona was because of John McCorpse turning a former Deep Red State (Arizona) into a den for Latino outlaws and gangsters. Now due to this globalist we can expect Sinema to stay in power for a long time.


Another new congresswoman who couldn’t help but “to stick it to Whitey” was Rashida Tliab of Michigan who made her goals clear by stating how she’ll “impeach the mother f*cker”. She did so in front of a crowd and she said she originally said this when talking to her own daughter. Keep in mind she’s a Muslim but I feel that’s only a power move since I can’t see how this would go over in Saudi Arabia. Any woman who would curse so openly and so severely as dropping the F-bomb is no lady to say the least. She also owes neo-cons like Kasich and McCain thanks since they allowed so many Muslim slush to roll into Michigan. I suspect she’ll continue that trend of dumping Muslim refugees on working class American communities, say hello to Sharia Law and grooming gangs.

California looks fine, right?

At this point it is clear what Trump is facing in congress, he’s facing down pure evil. How else do you subscribe a congress filled with foul-mouth feminists, trannies and subversive Jews (Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Steve Cohen)? Blame a GOP who has done little to nothing to stim the brown tide that is ingulfing America. These traitors like Romney and Ryan have had decades to stop this from happening but have done nothing but profess their stupid “color-blind” politics. Well just because the GOP can’t see color doesn’t mean Color can’t see them! Color has seen them, and it doesn’t like what it sees. It is clear this new congress of Democrats are unhinged lunatics and reprobates who are hell bent to destroy Trump and White working-class people. These are the lowest and most filthy sort of politicians to ever step foot in Washington to date and there’s no telling how far they’ll go to undercut President Trump and White people in general. Trump better go full Nationalist-populist if he hopes to even have a chance of winning 2020 or even surviving his term without being impeach by these obscene cretins who have been sent by Yankeedom. Make no mistake we must get secession if we are to survive, unless we want the entire South to look like the Socialist Democrat occupied state of Virginia. Unless we want ever city in our borders to resemble Chicago, Detroit and worst of all Charlottesville. Cities ruled by the buggers and leftist demagogues who have no laws nor police. We must not such allow such fate to befall our Southland. Do you really want your family to live in a Democrat slum? Do you want to be lorded over by feminist she-devils and left-wing curs like Chuck Schumer (NY) and Nancy Pelosi (CA) ? This is exactly what will happen if we don’t have a Free Dixie! Already Rep. Steve Cohen, a Jewish communist trespasser on Tennessee soil, has readied an amendment which will if passed, strike down the electoral college. If done we will be at the mercy of the hordes and bands of hoodlums of California and New York, a fate worse than death. If you want to prevent this fate than I suggest you put on the black shirt of the League and raise forth the Black Saint Andrew’s Cross of Southern Nationalism. Embrace A Free Dixie or embrace mob rule of Democrat overlords. Your pick.

Only a organize organic group like the LS can stop the Blue Wave
Streets of California are ruled by communist gangsters

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