To many of you that know me,you know that I’m a “Southern secessionist”. Well, I’m going to tell you why. As a child I grew up deep in the Appalachian Mountains, growing up from a traditional culture and being raised in church, over the years the beautiful county that I call home aka Smyth county, Virginia, the tradition stayed, the culture stayed. During the Civil War reenactments even the children would join their parents in the reenactments. Then 2015 came and our Christian tradition culture was being attacked by some radical fool. The leftist media instantly attacked him for a photo containing our beautiful Southern Cross. That effect never reached here,but many places in this beautiful state did. Northern Virginia instantly went down because of this. We kept our traditional Christian ways of life here in Appalachia. Then early 2017 struck and the Government ordered pipelines to run through the mountains of Appalachia,which would destroy thousands of homes, businesses, towns, and pollute our drinking water.

The states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky instantly filed lawsuits lawsuits. Well, alot were ignored and as a result those people suffered drastically. In some places here, the people haven’t had fresh drinking water since the early 40s. Apparently they must be trying to kill us here or at least don’t care about us. This isn’t even mentioning how prescription drugs have been hurled at Appalachia like candy so most people are junkies.

I have I seen how several secession groups arose up in my state after that and I joined them. My goal as well as theirs is to save the Southern, Christian ways of life and the stop the environmental destruction of the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Eastern Kentucky. I see secession as a window of hope to save this beautiful region that I call home. I don’t hate America, but I will always hate the United States tyrannical government with a passion for this. I don’t believe in attacking the United States military, but eventually the United States tyrannical government is going to crash and so will the corruption.

-By Virginia Revivalist


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