The Democratic race for the president is beginning to heat up. Elizabeth “Native” Warren essentially announced she would run. Someone as prideful as her will surely run when they say they are just thinking about it. But I don’t want to focus on Warren, saying something you’ve probably heard several times before. A far more interesting candidate is Richard Ojeda, a West Virginia state senator and Democrat from the seventh district and former candidate for congressman of West Virginia’s third district.

Ojeda’s policies mainly focus on fixing corruption by limiting salaries for congressmen, taking care of our veterans as he is a veteran himself, standing up for the working man and correcting the drug problem in America. However, some unfortunate tenets of Ojeda come in the form of his disdain for border security and immigration.

What he posted to Instagram.

He has become relevant because of his ability to flip Trump voters in a very Republican part of the country. Trump won the third district by 41 points; Ojeda lost it by just 12 points. However, I do not believe the fuss that’s been created about all this is actually all that incredible, nor do I believe we should be voting for him over Trump or another Republican candidate.

The opioid crisis in West Virginia and Appalachia in general has always been tough. As Ojeda says, doctors handed pills out like candy. The greater drug crisis has also hit the region. While I haven’t been personally affected, I can attest to this issue. In my small North Carolina town, drug junkies run rampant as does the crime. Half the houses in my town are rundown meth houses, characterized by the usual clutter and high shirtless guy on the front porch. The kids are the most affected and many are parentless because of this. One friend I had was even taken from his mother after her boyfriend stabbed him for refusing to inject heroine into himself. Don’t even get me started on the stories that come of of East Kentucky.

The crisis is woefully underestimated and I completely understand why West Virginians would vote for someone who focuses so much on drugs. As for the rest of the country, Ojeda’s policies are either a pipedream or harmful. His plan to reduce congressional salaries is doomed to fail no matter which party is in power. His pro-immigration agenda is in the long run more harmful than drugs. Ojeda has labelled Trump’s opposition to the migrant caravans as a ‘political stunt’ so you can imagine what Ojeda would have done. Under him as president we can expect migrant caravans to flood the border at will as if it is by no means a problem. It is. I can tell you all about Western North Carolina’s drug problem and flooding of my small town with junkies and sympathize with Ojeda’s focus on it, but I can also tell you all about my small town’s flood of migrants. Ojeda lives in a 90 percent White state so maybe he can’t relate to the flooding of small towns by immigrants, but I sure can. They aren’t particularly violent, but they sure do alienate us as a people. Both White and Black, we are left feeling foreign to our town when we are surrounded by 20 some Mexicans all speaking Spanish and giving off hateful glares. It won’t be long before this town begins to resemble Southern California as the primary language becomes Spanish and neither Blacks or Whites can find work because they only speak English. I can’t say I want that.

The drug crisis is an important issue and one I wish Republicans would focus on more, but immigration is the most important. If you want another South Africa, go ahead and vote for Ojeda who may fix some key issues, but will flood this nation with migrants who will one day take over. Instead of our people dying by the hands of drugs, we will die at the hands of foreigners who wish to displace us.

Besides, opening up immigration or not correcting it will not aid the drug crisis. Neither will it aid the working man as Ojeda seems to care about so much. Wages will be driven even further down and, as mentioned before, the common worker may not even be able to find work without knowing Spanish. The local mom and pop shop will turn away from an American, family owned business wherein the only language is English, to a Mexican owned local business wherein Spanish is spoken and simply buying a drink becomes an ordeal.

Whether Ojeda professes an anti-immigration attitude or not is irrelevant if it is not backed up with policy which we know by his comments won’t becoming from him. Immigration is not just an issue, it is the issue. Whether he realizes it or not, Ojeda’s policies are not for West Virginia (who will in time be flooded as well), the working man, or American families, they are for Latin American settlers looking to take over.

Erase from your mind the thought of even handing him a vote; he isn’t for you.


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