Once again I have to give the President credit, he’s held his ground on this. This site has probably been among the most harshest critics among the dissident right , next to Occidental Dissent, of the GOP and Trumps Presidency. However I’ll 100% back him against the likes of the New York Street Rat Chuck Schumer and the Californian Harpy Nancy Pelosi, two subversives on the same level as Hillary Clinton. On the wall issue in particular I’ll go to bat and defend the President on with all my limited resources. Dixie needs that wall, we all know this. Dixie voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016 and unlike the Rust Belt it wasn’t over primarily jobs, it was over immigration.

Proof that a Free Dixie is what we need

This is clear and again the readers of this site know that as well. The media also points this out, though when they do it it’s always to slander the South as “bigoted racists”. Who cares what those lying vipers think. What we need to do as a people is to make sure we understand and show fellow Southerners how foreign our enemies are and how a Free Dixie would benefit them. The Wall battle is the shining example of that. In this we see the South under barrage by venomous Yankees and Jews, yes Jews as they are growing in numbers in Congress despite their small population. Not only do we have to worry about congress but also the Yankee states not to mention the rogue radical state of California. Both New York and California have made an open call to arms to defy the President with all their filthy lucre and Antifa foot soldiers. We saw this in both the gubernatorial elections in Florida and Georgia where powerful elitists in New York, California, and Massachusetts tried to steal our elections. Just recently the newly elected Governor of California has made Trump a target in his inaugural speech. Governor Gavin Newson, former mayor of San Francisco, has condemned Trump’s attempt to build the wall or keep out the hordes of flea infested migrants.

The New York Governor also recently pardoned 22 illegals as so they wouldn’t be deported. Folks, this is downright treasonous! There’s no way around it. The rest of the North isn’t much better. I don’t see any reason to be a modern day Unionist. Really what reason do we really have to stay in a Union with Chuck Schumers and Nacy Pelosis ruling over us? Sure, there’s good people in the North and California but they don’t share our Southern values really and they aren’t numerous enough. They have a very different outlook that has been forged over generations that we just can’t change. Our best hope is Secession and balkanization, that hope is becoming more popular even in the eyes of some leftists. I fully hope that CALexit is successful in their mission to achieve independence, even if that independence leads them to become a colony of communist China. I certainly would rather have that than them lording over US.

Once we point this out to fellow Southerners, especially those who support Trump, I believe they’ll follow us in seeking a Free Dixie. Will all of them do so? No, but many will and already are sympathetic to secession, I’ve changed the minds of many Trump supporters into secessionist. We must show them more than just “we hate n*ggers and sp*cs” like the klan and many White nationalists have done in the past.

Our movement must have a broad appeal, only to Southerners though or perhaps wise Northerners who are willing to be allies. We have many arguments to make that go beyond race that are increasingly strong with the Southern public, think about the opioid epidemic and the anti-predator laws I supported. I believe if Trump fails to bring a bargain for the wall, meaning YANKEE & West Coast Democrats refuse a deal, that Southern Nationalism will only be given more legitimacy. We must be ready to gain the hearts of our brothers and sisters. Lead them along the path of Southern Nationalism and away from the toxic and decaying American Empire and it’s plutocracy of cowards and Wall Street swine. Show them that their problems can, should, and will be solved under the White black crossed banner of a Free Dixie. A Dixie Free of corrupt Democrats and subversive lying media bosses. Remind them that if they refuse to see secession and embrace it that their cities and even our countrysides will fall under the cloud of total darkness. A Dark Cloud that rains poverty, death, suicide, chaos and moral & racial destruction. Who wants to live in a ghettoized slum? No one. So keep your heads up and flags a waving.

California looks fine, right ?????
Are these two Southern?

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