The Atlanta City birds are back at it again. This time it’s the Blacks of the NAACP along with the SPLC which is needed to hold their hands and watch over their “colored brothers”. The NAACP in metro Atlanta are being quite honest this time as they are making it clear they want all confederate statues and monuments removed and they are now openly saying they want the beautiful image of Lee, Jackson and Davis blown off Stone Mountain. It seems after their defeat at the hands of Kemp that they are in no mood to play games with us “crackers” and have instead cut right to the chase. The Black clergy also are trying to rile up their parishioners by telling them how evil and racist the Confederacy was. I have no doubt that this is an effort to humiliate Southerners of Georgia, to make us a rootless people. Why? So they, and their masters, can more easily defeat and enslave us.

The NAACP seems to know what they are doing as they are attempting to use the age-old tactic of appealing to the wealthy elite in Atlanta by pandering to their love of money and their hubris. I can already hear some big mouth Black pastor a-hooting and a-hollering, “If you don’t remove those statues then the people coming to see the Super Bowl will think you’re just like those backwards cracker hicks in North Georgia and Peanut Farmers in South Georgia!”. This indeed is an effective ploy as our upper-class have no loyalty to us. The upper class of state, I’m speaking of the upper upper middle class and the true upper class in the gated communities, are usually gutless turds. These people are extremely vain and materialistic and lack a killer instinct needed to defend one’s people. Most of these quislings are indeed nested in Atlanta, many more are carpetbaggers though. The Atlanta Urbanites will not hesitate to stab us in the back if they think it can earn them progressive brownie points and especially more wealth.

This should be our response

These are the same fools who almost handed Abrams the governorship last November; she plans to run again too. I have to say that her loss will make it much harder for the NAACP to have success in removing the statues and almost no chance of harming our esteemed Mountain. I think they realize this and thus have abandoned their plan to press the General Assembly into cucking, which is why they are saying this will be a more “grass roots” push. I do think this is somewhat good news for us and again we still have strong laws protecting our monuments that cannot be easily bypassed. We should still however be weary and stand firm. We mustn’t let down our guard. We must press Governor-Elect Kemp to safeguard our statues and monuments, I think he will, but we must still press him and demand him to account. Afterall it was us Ruralite Southerners who won him his seat in the Gold Dome. Us True Georgians. We must also keep an eye on the General Assembly, we have many decent men in there but also a handful of cowards and subversive Black Democrats. I would definitely want to see more bills passed to defend our monuments and what I really would like to see is bills aimed at bringing down the NAACP. We should pressure our State Representatives and Senators to stand up for our monuments or face finding a new job.



  1. Can ANYbody tell me if there will be a pro-South counter-presence on Feb. 2? I will rearrange my schedule if need be in order to increase the number of “warm bodies” supporting our Southern heritage.


    1. Yes, supposedly there’s gonna be a rally on that day. I probably won’t go personally but I encourage everyone who can make it to attend despite counter protesters


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