Psychology used to be one of the most important fields of research for our society, but no more. Some great psychologists have come and gone and some still hold out, such as Jordan Peterson ,however overly individualistic he may be, but we have long lost control of the field. It has gone rogue and the recent guidelines for men and boys by the American Psychological Association show as much.

The downfall happened when homosexuality was made to no longer be a mental disorder. Nevermind the high suicide rates, destructive behavior, rampant depression, and high rates of childhood abuse, but that is all a topic for another article. What drives me to write this one is the absurdity and nearsightedness unleashed in this propaganda piece the APA calls “guidelines”. Psychological organizations have been spreading lies, false science, and emotional virtue signaling pieces for quite a while now, but this is just something else.

This disgrace of a report tells us that traditional masculinity is actually harmful! Their reasoning lies on the issues men face. Men currently commit 90 percent of all homicides, have staggering rates of suicide compared to women, and a whole bunch of other crime statistics. Along with statistics they say traditional masculinity is tied to homophobia, anti-femininity (whatever that means), violence, bullying, and sexual harrassment. I won’t deny it is undoubtedly the reason for some of those but I will say it’s often a force for good. Reprobate homosexuals, for example, have been kept in check by straight, godly men for centuries. Now they run freely and molest children all the time. As for sexual harrassment, who knows what that means anymore.

The APA has completely ignored any real reasons for this. Perhaps the increased aggression is because of the fatherlessness that permeates our culture, depriving young men of the guidance needed to funnel their masculinity into something productive. Perhaps the increased rates of suicide are because of an increased lack of meaning and newfound frustration with the world as people grow increasingly less religious. Perhaps the prevalence of men with homicide is just because of simple biology and psychology. Their main reason is that minorities are unable to stand up to “traditional masculinity” and so they make up their own, whether it be hood culture or what. In truth though, traditional masculinity is just the left’s way of saying “having a spine” which they detest.

The entire report consists mostly of virtue signaling to homosexuals and transgenders and pushing us to change our masculinity to conform to their pathetic sensitivities, all with the usual leftist buzzwords and newspeak. “Gender non-conforming” showed up more times than it ever should. And don’t forget “microaggression”. One more piece of leftist newspeak: “heterosexist”. Yes, the largest organization for American psychologists used that ridiculous word. We truly are living in an enlightened time.

The sexism the APA believes haunts our society is that gender roles should be preserved and young boys should not be permitted to cross over them. If true psychology was in store, it would agree with this long-held belief. Maybe, just maybe, the suicide rate for transgenders and homosexuals is because they are sick, not because we are.

One thing that struck me as particularly idiotic is the attack on the military and its masculine characteristics. You see, Colyabiania the demon reprobate can’t not be made fun of and picked on, therefore the entire institution must be changed.

To its credit, the report does highlight the importance of fathers and their involvement in the child’s life. Our culture has neglected this vital need and so I am happy to see they are aware that this should be restored. But if their ideal father is one with no principles that never disciplines his children and allows them to run around in skirts and pink dresses, then he is no father in my eyes.

True masculinity has no need for change; it is instead the change we need. What the APA wants is a genderless society where a lack of meaning thrives. In this hypothetical culture you can expect the suicide rate of both genders to skyrocket more than it already has, as well as the rate of child molestation to skyrocket at the hands of pedophilic homosexuals who will inevitably be regarded as completely normal. There should be no embracing of such a culture, only resistance. There should also be no embracing of the APA as a legitimate scientific organization. Such clear and unapologetic leftist bias defines the organization, even when real science goes against it.

They wish to strike us down because they know we are the primary opposition. White men have been the sole resistors of Marxism and its children like communism. Therefore we must be pacified and emasculated. Don’t fall for it, but more importantly, don’t let the young men and boys in your life fall for it. Now is the time to pressure them to embrace true masculinity and reject the new. Our mistake for the last century almost has been standing on the sidelines as our countries were subverted. The Marxist revolution isn’t finished and we still have a chance to rebuke it, and we had better not let this chance pass by.

Header courtesy of sigilbaumann


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