So, the news is just out that President Trump is going to pull the money for the forest fires in California.
“Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forest fires that, with proper Forest Management, would never happen,” President Donald Trump said. “Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money!”

I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump if he takes the FEMA money away from California. Again, I’ll make it clear that I will support what Trump does right and condemn what he does wrong, I’m no MAGApede nor am I some controlled media shill. I fully believe that Trump must crack the whip of order and authority over California. This may come off as hypocritical coming from such an avid supporter of the Confederacy and states rights, but I’ll go ahead and explain my logic on this. While I’m an avid supporter of state sovereignty I will admit at the present moment that states rights have been long trampled into the dust especially for the South, so why should I allow liberal California, who has long led the charge on states’ rights, to have those rights delegated to a state? If they don’t let us have our states rights to run and have our own communities why let them? Furthermore, California is going beyond states rights by harboring and giving sanction to illegals. They are actively engaged in treason against the other states in the Union by their holding and aiding of dangerous Latino criminals. In affect by safeguarding illegals, many of who are armed and dangerous, the state of California is an endangerment to every citizen in the South and America as a whole.

On top of this California is the home of hundreds of coastal elites including the Silicon Valley scum and the Hollywooders. These people are also engaged in trying to subvert the Southern states and even Northern and conservative regions in their own state. The California elite and even probably the upper middle class are funding and aiding far-left political gangs like Antifa, BLM and Latino extremist groups. How else can you explain Antifa being able to survive costly legal battles and lawsuits? How do these jobless basement dwellers manage to pay for cross country trips to terrorize True Americans? Their paypals are being secretly and sometimes not so secretly financed by wealthy Californians. There are hundreds of hundreds of wanna-be George Soroses in California who foam at the mouth at the very idea of their black wrapped hoodlums beating up “some backwoods redneck Trump supporters”. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and check Twitter and see the response of these people when North Carolina, Pan handle Florida, and Texas flooded. Don’t think these blue blood virtue signalers wouldn’t hesitate to pay for Antifa’s defense.


No doubt these people have been getting funding
They are being used too by the wealthy Californian elite to keep any dissenters in check, we can see so here

Some people might try to excuse all this and say, “well, Californians are still mostly good people”. Untrue. While I’ll agree there are some good people in California, I must say that there are many if not a hefty majority of Californians who are unapologetically wicked and vile. Reprobates would be the appropriate term. Even people there that are somewhat decent are whole-heartily ignorant of politics and American history, watch the Mark Dice interviews. These people are drooling brain-dead morons! They know nothing about nothing except maybe the next degenerate trend being promoted by Buzzfeed. These people care only for their drugs and fun. They are proud of their wickedness and depravity. They parade homosexuals as heroes and pictures of “bravery”. Yet these people can pass laws over us and elect our President and swing and steal our elections due to our forced union with them.

The state isn’t even majority White, so we don’t even have a racial bond with these people. Californians are a mongrelized and depraved group of people who seek to bring us down to their level. We must do everything in our power to keep them at arms length. That means letting them suffer the flames if those flames befall them. I don’t wish them to be burned but they brought the fate on themselves and perhaps if their Hollywood idols would spare some of their private fire fighter squads survival might be easier for the Cali masses. Of course, the Hollywood and rich plutocrats there don’t really care for the poor even if they’re not White. They care only for the rush of euphoria they get from their pathetic virtue signaling and the applause they get from fellow bleeding-heart liberals. I really must question whether the recent fire wasn’t divine punishment for the people of California. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect as such with cities like San Francisco being dens of depravity and sodomy even rivaling the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah. After all, if you spit in the face of God you will face hellfire one way or another. That’s exactly what California has been doing. We shouldn’t give aid to such wickedness.


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