I was unaware before now that Weasels inhabit the state of California, but recently one has been found. The weasel actually has the name, that name being Gavin Newson. He’s been elected Governor of California and has had a long career before becoming the Governor of the state. He’s a previous Lt Governor and Mayor of the modern Sodom & Gomorrah. He has very deep ties with the city and is basically a plutocrat as his father was a powerful player in the immoral city. As before I mentioned that Trump has threatened to pull FEMA findings. It appears now that Weasel Newson and Trump are beginning a long fued that will spill into the National scene soon enough. I hope Trump holds back no punches on this pathetic worthless little fool. Weasel Newson is a hardcore fan and defender of homosexuals and illegals among other welfare leeches. What should we expect though from the new boss man of California? I have the feeling this won’t be the first time I write about this swine. Who really knows what perverse mess he has up his stained sleeved? Perhaps he’ll order some sex robots, using tax money ofcourse, from Asia for the massive prison population of California? Perhaps he’ll make Antifa his official police? Maybe he’ll just disband the police and let MS-13 take their place? What sort of insanity can we expect from these people? I’m not joking, heck we already got a bill passed which demands women be put on corporate boards. Laws passed to allow AIDs invested people to spread it freely. These rascals are totally out of control. They are constantly violating the Constitution to implement their SJW garbage. Weasel Newson will continue this trend for certain. He’ll no doubt make sure to outdue his predecessor.


This should all be a lesson to us Southerners. We must show California that we don’t respect their sorry rotten state. That no, we don’t consider them our “fellow-countrymen”. We also don’t want them in our states trying to push their radical left wing agenda down our throats. Basically, that we want absolutely nothing to do with them and their wickedness. We must learn to despise their new executive, it shouldn’t be so hard if you have any sense of right and wrong. Newson has already made it clear that his number one mission is to defend and bring in illegals. These illegals will be used to replace and bolster the Democrats voting ranks throughout the U.S and especially Dixie. How can cat ladies and soy boy bugmen reproduce more baby Democrats? They can’t. Do these Democrats like Newson know they must bring more and more interlopers. Afterall equality is the mantra of California. So, it doesn’t matter to them who they bring in because “we’re all the same”, unless you’re some “inbred redneck”. This is why Californians are so dangerous to the South. They have a totally different outlook and way of thinking. They don’t value anything good and they certainly don’t value us. Newson is the prince of this wickedness and we must show our people that. Heck, he’s gonna let his jezebel wife go by “First Partner” instead of “First Lady” for a grand sign of gender equality! I focus on Newson because it’s highly likely he will retain higher office eventually. Especially if US Representative Steve Cohen (D) kills the Electoral College like his bill is intending. If that happens we will be ruled by Californians like Newson & Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Do you want that?

Pls don’t welcome Californians, they come only to raise your taxes and flood your state with Latino gangs.

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