Congressmen Steve King is the newest target for the media and cucks. King has had the media’s hatred for quite a while but apparently now they have collectively decided to crush the man’s career for recent comments. His comment was

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

Basically this was him defending himself against the New York Slimes (Times). We all know how anti-White they are. Now they are using these words against him despite the fact he has repeatedly stated he’s not a White Nationalist or Supremacist. They don’t care and won’t accept any apology short of his career’s death… and maybe even his death as well. In my own view King certainly ISN’T a White Nationalist or supremacist, to think so is foolish. For goodness sakes the man is a hardcore Zionist who just also happens to want to defend our borders as well as theirs. The more concerning yet sadly expected thing to come of this is the utter low dog attack that he’s getting from his own party. Every gutless coward in the GOP has come to bring the hammer down on Steve. They come with all sort of brutal accusations and backstabbing that I actually legitimately pity King. Let me just go over a few of the attacks by these sad quislings who have attacked King for merely being non-Anti-White.

House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California has said “Action will be taken,” “I’m having a serious conversation with Congressman Steve King on his future and role in this Republican Party.” He isn’t the only one attacking King but he’s probably going to be the man to lead the action to strip King of any powers he might have. This really all goes to show how pathetic the National GOP is. How these people, despite the Democrats fully embracing identity politics, still refuse to side with Whites. They want to hold on to their false dream of a united equal America with jobs and cash for everyone. An America that was dreamed up by the John McCain’s of this land. It’s a foolhardy pipe dream that will never happen. The end results will be the minorities of this country picking and taking whatever they can get their wretched hands onto. They don’t give two dimes about this pipe dream of “a United America”. When fools like McCarthy say the “land of opportunity” these lowly people think, “what can I and my people get out of the American pie?”. Meanwhile, the GOP can’t even stand to have one man say anything positive about White people.


Furthermore, the GOP is angered that King, according to the lying media who also hates them, has questioned the idea of “human equality“. What blind idiots! How can one believe in such a falsehood? How can one look at a doctor and a drug dealer and think the two are somehow equal? In what way are we all equal? Seriously, I’ve asked these questions before and no one has given me a solid answer yet. The truth is that equality is a lie. It’s a lie that is purely been pushed by snakes and zealous halfwits. Mainly this lie has been pushed in America by hypocritical New Englanders. Yes, many Jews have come to back and finance this myth but it was originally pushed, at least in America, by Yankees in New England. I don’t want to get off track but we should remember that feminism, free love, and abolitionism all came out of the hotbed of egalitarian radicals in New England. While many will point at Jefferson’s quote that “all men are created equal“, which was in the Declaration of Independence, as proof that America was built on the new notion that all people are the same. This however is another misconception as Jefferson himself was no believer in universal human equality. If so why did he own Black slaves? Why did he not demand that women have the right to vote in 1776? Why did he not demand that the homosexuals be let out of the loony bin? Because when he said “all men are created equal” he meant all White land owning men are to have equal rights and representation. He was rebuking the right of the divine rights of Kings, in particular that of King George’s. Some Liberals are starting to realize this and now also call for Jefferson’s name and legacy to be removed. This nation was not built on that idea, which has caused so much chaos and confusion in this land. The South rejects such falsehoods. Back to the King situation.

I fully believe this King fiasco is just a warm up round of backstabbing and virtue signaling that will be aimed at Trump in 2020. These Republicans in D.C. are showing their true colors and loyalty, that loyalty being to the false dream of the most radical Republicans of the 1860s. A dream that demands that we commit Seppuku in order to have some twisted unholy unity with hordes of Gib-me’s and socialist Democrats like Horse-Face Cortez. A dream of a united Union at all costs. If that means telling White people to shove it then so be it. Steve King is the temporary lamb sacrifice, Trump is their end goal. I fully believe now that Trump will be sacrificed by the GOP in 2020 in their twisted and sickening plan to get some sort of “civility in politics” back. They hate fighting and will do what ever it takes to avoid one. I foresee the Northern wing of the Party deciding to bail on Trump in 2020 election over something he’s said or going to say. What we’re witnessing with King is merely a test run to see how easily they can still sink some one with the “White Nationalist” (false) accusations. Let me make it quite clear that
“White Nationalism” and even “White Supremacy” isn’t the problem. These are merely backlashes to the anti-White media and all their “get whitey” campaigns. “White Supremacy” is hated because these lying cut throat dogs don’t want ANY White men in charge. They want to see every White man, who isn’t a milksop or homosexual, stripped of all power and dignity. To them that is White supremacy. That’s the end goal of both the socialist Democrats and the quislings of the GOP. They don’t hide this and they usually don’t even deny it. They don’t need to.

However, if any White man in power were to say, “hey, Blacks should be powerless and have way too much power right now”, he’d be sent to the soup kitchen for life. No debate, no argument, just disavowals and mass condemnations. This is the sort of outrage you’d suspect if someone had preyed upon a child. Instead this is the backlash reserved for some mere comment made in a heated debate. This is just another push to humiliate and crush any White from standing up for his own group. It’s the exact reason we should forget making headway in D.C. and instead focus on building up our strength on the gubernatorial and local level.

Anyways, we should stand strong and close ranks when this stuff happens, Steve didn’t and instead apologized, something he usually doesn’t do; something he shouldn’t do. Now the media can run the headlines of “Steve King realizes that this time he went too far“. This is a lesson to many people, forget and never seem to learn. Don’t apologize to the enemy! Don’t turn on your own side. It only makes you look weak and vulnerable. Once they see that all the cowards of the land will suddenly turn into lions and devour you. That’s exactly what’s happening to Steve King. Learn the lesson folks.

Trump better Be ready for 2020, these people will do anything to stop him

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