The sad and pathetic news has come in that Silent Sam’s statue has been removed on orders of the outgoing Chancellor of UNC. A statue built to honor the brave young men of UNC who went out to defend their state of North Carolina’s rights from Northern invaders in 1861. These brave gallant men sacrificed everything and now they have their statue removed by gangs of leftist thugs and hoodlums who never should have been allowed to step foot on North Carolina soil. These modern transplant interlopers have demanded and illegally removed the UNC statue. The college staff and leadership aided and defended these law braking vandals while our own GOP was busy trying to railroad Congressmen Steve King for being a “White Supremacist” and saying stuff that hurt “people of color’s” feelings.

We should note that the outgoing chancellor Carol Folt is responsible for this an liberal Yankee transplant. According to this California trained Jezebel the Silent Sam pedestal will be sent to “storage”, meaning we probably will never again see it. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has shown it’s true colors and values. The Board of Governors should fire Folt instead of accepting the witch’s resignation. Folt has undermined and subverted the state of North Carolina and it isn’t very hard to see. Then again you probably didn’t see during the dark of night when she and her leftist minions removed the statue. These Marxist pillagers have done so much to purge us of our heritage and identity. This is a naked attempt to undermine the Southern people and humiliate us in the name of “peace” & “unity”. They can shove their wicked virtues of weakness and submission where the sun don’t shine. Let me just inform you what this Yankee hag had to say for herself.

“The presence of the remaining parts of the monument on campus poses a continuing threat both to the personal safety and well-being of our community and to our ability to provide a stable, productive educational environment,” “The fact that despite our best efforts even since then, threats have continued to grow and place our community at serious risk has led me to authorize this action.”

So, she’s capitulating to keep the maggot student body of UNC safe? Is that community she talks about the native Southerners or the Yankee transplants and their Black puppets? The majority of the student body are total reprobates and miscreants. These students have no respect for authority or tradition. They are mindless slaves to the lying media and the corrupt Democratic Party. They should be the ones being removed for the safety of the North Carolinian people. Many of these students have little to no roots to the Tar-Heel state. The ones that do are odious scalawags of the lowest sort. I’m calling for the University and student body to be arrested and shutdown. If that cannot be achieved, purge them. The University is now nothing more than a den of lowly loathsome liberals who seek to destroy and destabilize North Carolina. Many of them should be exiled from the state by the orders of the NC General Assembly. Why not? These people have shown utter hate for the Sam statue, a statue representing the fallen former UNC students who died fighting for the Cause and Defense of North Carolina. Why allow such rabble into OUR University systems? They have no right to it and them being an “American” citizen changes nothing.

The Battle lines are drawn

This Silent Sam showdown really just goes to show that our enemies are playing for keeps. They don’t care about the rules or laws and in places like Chapel Hill they don’t have to abide by them either. When Democrats and Yankee Transplants and blacks take over our cities you can expect mob rule and corrupt show of force like we saw at UNC. At this moment we should be building up our own citadels of power in our own neck of the woods. Our own Chapel Hills where we rule and dominate instead of liberals. If we keep standing with moderates we’ll be washed away by the fanatics of the left. I once again fully advocate that the Southern people rally behind and join the League of the South. The League is one of the few groups that sees the situation for what it is. The situation being that the enemy is on a war path to destroy the Southern people and reduce us to a state of utter poverty and decay. To leave us like the White South Africans. That’s where this land is heading if we don’t fully embrace Southern Nationalism and strap on our boots and sabers. If we refuse to side with the brave men and women of the League, or at least Southern Nationalism in general, we are submitting our children’s destiny to the rabid dogs of UNC. They’ll be the overlords who will rule and abuse our children. If you don’t think so, just look at what’s happened and is happening in South Africa.

How does “equality” & “peace” look in South Africa? Keep this image in your mind folks because it very well happen here
That’s what the these brave men are fighting


Whatever the case may be, the fall of Silent Sam is a bad omen for the future.


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  1. To me, talking about Silent Sam is not the issue, but, how we address schools that have our name and our tax money, yet teach out children to hate themselves and their own kind.

    My solution is this :

    #1. If an academick is to be hired to teach at a North Carolina School they must have spent at least the majority of their childhood here, if not entirely born and raised.

    If any exception were to be made to that, then it ought be only for those who are not Tarheels, but Southerners.

    #2. All academicks must sign an agreement to agree to never advance any political views that are to the contrary of our NC Constitution and our cultural values, and, if they violate it they are terminated.

    A century ago most teachers of our schools fulfilled these requirements.

    We need to get back to this, for our children and our North Carolina culture are the real monuments here, not Silent Sam.


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