By now we all have heard of the darling Princess of the leftist media, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. The little “lady” who beat the establishment political bosses of New York and will bring in a new era of progressivism and crush the big bad Orange Man. The chosen one, who will bring balance, peace and equality to the political brawl between privileged White men. Yah, this is the typical dish of lies and bag of hot air you get from the lying media but I’ll of course give the real run down on Horse Face Cortez.


Cortez, in some ways has my respect, at least compared to most Democrats. I can see that this young socialist truly believes in her unholy cause and will do whatever it takes to help her buddies back at home. She did indeed back down and beat the engrained political establishment of New York. An Establishment that was giving off quite a smoldering stench. However, Cortez is also a hardened and dangerous enemy of Dixie and America. One that is hell-bent to bring down the proper order and Christian principles that remain in this land. Her brand of feminism, and all brands of feminism are aimed to destroy the rotting nation even more than it already is. I think it’s really important to realize what Cortez’s victory symbolizes and what it means for us Southerners. For one, while now she’s on the fringes of her Party she is indeed the future of her Party. She’s extremely popular among the new generation of Northerners and Young liberal transplants everywhere. Unlike Bernie bro she isn’t racing against the clock of time either. Miss Cortez is 29-years-old, something which doesn’t bother me, if she wasn’t a woman. The point of the matter of this is that Cortez is only the beginning of a new era of leftist politicians who unlike their decaying predecessors have thrown off any idea of civility or tact. She won’t let taboo hold her back or stop her from acting. She’ll force and throw down whatever she wants and if she doesn’t get what she wants she’ll head back to NYC and fire up the millions of godless rabble to back her up. While this level of tactlessness might backfire, against the weak knee GOP it is more likely to succeed.

Notice they stand under a statue of Lee’s surrender, they won’t be accepting peace this time.

She is phase 3 of the Puritan devil that has poked it’s fiery pitchfork at the South’s feet for decades. She and her kind, I’m not speaking purely about her racial kinsmen either, will lead the third and if successful final Reconstruction. Oh, what trouble we’re in now. We barely survived the last two Reconstructions. While we threw off the yoke of the first in 1876 we were largely forced and shamefully bent our knee for the Second Reconstruction also called the Civil Rights Movement. In that defeat we lost home rule, the Solid South, and the control of basically all of our institutions. While this Reconstruction has been going on it’s successor, the third, is about to enter it’s final phase. A phase that will make us hunted and vagabond if we lose again. The leftist dogs are already barking about this Third Reconstruction, something I’ve actually heard some call it. We already see it happening as they try to rid us of every single semblance of our identity as Southerners and Sons of Dixie. We’re doomed, right? With that attitude, yes. Instead of having the attitude that we’re doomed to lose again like we did in 1861 and the 60s we should instead channel our memory of when we threw out the foreign invader in 1876 and even 1776. Have we not won before as well as lose. Have we not come back from total war and ruin at the hands of devils like Sherman? Did we not escape the fate of becoming the next Haiti and South Africa? We did even when we we’re reduced to being a shoeless and broken lot, how?

Because, we we’re willing to act as one body and one force with one mission. We must do the same now! We must unite around the banner of 61′ and our new flag, the flag of Southern Nationalism. Many have already done so. While we sit alone in a mass of outsiders it seems we’re doomed and defeated but when we walk in the woods of the Blue Ridge, the Swamps of Louisiana, the beaches of the Carolinas, the Cotton Fields of Alabama and Georgia we can still find our fellow kinsmen. While we might no longer be the majority we were not so in 1876 when we were outnumbered before and came out the winner.

Our fate comes down to whether we can put up our own statesmen and warriors of Dixie. Can we get our women to follow their womanly duties? Will we men of Dixie follow our duties as fathers and sons? Will we teach our sons and daughters right? Will we vote Southern? Will we fight Southern? Will we purge ourselves of vice? Will we submit ourselves to God, Nation and kin? Will we stand like brave men or live as yellow bellies who dare not lift up their self hating heads? What will YOU DO? Will you allow yourself to be ruled by the Cortez’s of the North and the Newson’s of the West? The first path to victory is turning oneself into a vessel of one’s people. If you’re not willing to give up “fun” then you’re gonna be whipped by Miss Horse Face and her Godless army.


In light of Lee & Jackson Day yesterday, I’ve finished reading a book on General Stonewall Jackson. I read about a man of pure mission and duty. A man who bent his knee before God and God alone. A man who loved the South and his family; who abstained from all vices, even if he found some of those vices to be pleasurable. That one man, followed by hundreds of loyal dedicated followers was able to turn the tide of the War, and had he not been stricken down, with Gods blessings, would have crushed the D.C. Swamp once and for all. If we had 1 man like Jackson we could do so much. If we had 10,000 men like Jackson we would rid the South of all the Machiavellian Neo-con vipers and Democrat rattlesnakes.


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