The time has finally come. MLK day, or more like a month considering the nonstop accolades and tributes he receives all throughout the month of January. Every politician and mainstream public person in America is forced this week to offer up words of love amen admiration for Saint MLK. It’s a day of grandstanding and pathetic virtue signaling. In modern Weimar-America Martin Luther King is god. The false god of a false decaying America. Whenever ace comes up, MLK is held up as an example and exalted as if his word is gosp. While the true god of the Bible is lambasted as a homophobic sky god and Jesus is scorned by Jews like Sarah Silverman, MLK is held up as a sacred perfect messiah of everything right and holy. Not one conservative dare speaks out about this dubious man or else fear being put to the stake of public opinion for blasphemy.
The state of Georgia has a special love for MLK, mainly because he was unfortunately born here. Many of the scalawags of the state use MLK as sort of a guru to prove that Georgia has changed and is not some “backwards hick state” like Mississippi or Alabama. The Atlanta City Birds especially love MLK, he truly is a “good” representation of what modern Atlanta is all about. However, I’ll look at another native Atlantan, one that isn’t worshiped and rarely receives a paragraph in the history books of Georgia. That man being Governor Lester Maddox. Maddox is nowadays considered to be “that racist governor” and arch-enemy of MLK who blocked his corpse from being lay in state. Let’s take a look at the two Atlanta men and see who’s really worthy of praise and who’s really worthy of distain.

Maddox was born in 1915 and was raised in Atlanta by a working class family. He was no son of privilege. Unlike MLK he had no powerful father, his dad was an average working-class man, who could help give him a leg up on others. Lester worked and worked hard to get his dreams achieved. His dream was to be a simple business owner and loyal family man, a true American living the American Dream. He made good on all these. He was always a loyal and dedicated husband who stuck by his wife through thick and thin. Unlike MLK, who was a serial adulterer, he loved and took care of his wife, Virginia. So, there’s another thing that makes him a better man than King. Nobody ever accused Lester of infidelity to his wife much less had hard proof of such a thing. Keep in mind MLK was supposed to be a Reverend so he would have more of an obligation than Lester to keep his marriage sacred.

FYI that’s not Mrs King
A sickly Maddox with his loving wife

Unlike MLK, who forged and plagiarized in college, Lester was an honest man. Maddox would never consider being a dishonest sleaze bag. Maddox dropped out of high school to work during the Great Depression while King as a youth was sent to a respectable Black university and then the renown University of Boston where he did most of his cheating and got the title of Doctor. He was actually allowed to plagiarize by the university as many of these professors had to realize just how much cheating MLK did. It’s not surprising that such a University in the heart of Yankeedom would allow for such corruption in order to undermine and subvert the South. Maddox had no such people to aid him. Imagine if Lester went to college and had later been proven a cheater, I can’t see the colleges hesitating to pull his ill-gotten title of being a Doctor. So, we can see that Lester no doubt is the man of higher honesty between the two.


Lester also accomplished his dream of being a business owner. He opened his family ran restaurant called The Pickrick. Maddox gave the people of Atlanta and Georgia good tasting chicken and other good yummy old-time cooking. Maddox believed in free enterprise and small business, something which should make him a modern-day conservative icon; instead we hear King getting praise from conservative leaders despite the fact it always gets them harsh words of hate from liberals. Maddox was a segregationist and believed segregation was Biblical, something which had much legitimacy. So, of course his Pickrick was segregated, something which Maddox was proud of. However just like in our modern day he had to deal with the blowback of liberals and the media. The Atlanta community at the time was in a state of utter capitulation to the mandates of the federal judges and forces of integration. Led by the arch-liberal Mayor Ivan Allen these people did whatever it took from getting in the media’s spotlight. That meant surrendering segregation and backing “moderate candidates” and condemning segregationists like Maddox. The elite cared only for money and reputation, not honor or principles. This is the reason why liberal hoodlums were allowed to ransack a friend of Maddox’s restaurant across the street. The leftist vandals pissed on the floor and broke dishes all to show how much they should have been allowed to be let in to a private establishment. The Atlanta police were called that day but did nothing but watch in silence while Lester’s friend’s livelihood was destroyed for his unpopular beliefs. Maddox rushed to the scene demanding the punks stop. Once the scumbags realized who Maddox was they told him he’d be next on their list. They were true to tjeir word. Maddox, trying to be a good citizen, went to the standing police and demanded they enforce the law, to which they instead lowered their heads and informed him they were on orders by the city to do nothing against the integrationist thugs. Sounds familiar. Maddox realized that he must take matters into his own hands and the next day went to buy his first firearm. He did so to protect his business and livelihood from communist rapscallions. When the integrationists returned to make good on their previous threats, they realized that Maddox was armed and would shoot them if they tried what they had done previously. So, they put on the peaceful protester facade instead, the news cameras conveniently started rolling at this point and thus we get the famous pictures of a yelling Maddox, gun in hand, moving the “poor unarmed” Blacks away from his restaurant. This would launch Maddox into the heart of national fame and notoriety. This happened in 1964 during the heat of the Second Reconstruction (Civil Rights movement).

Maddox was slammed by the leftist press as a “violent bigot” and held up as a true American patriot by the segregationists throughout the besieged South. In Georgia especially, he was loved more than ever by the thousands of Georgians who felt betrayed by the wealthy plutocrats of Atlanta who were forfeiting their way of life to bring in industry and material wealth to look like they weren’t those Southerners who had brutalized MLK’s Blacks down in Birmingham. So, it’s here really that Maddox’s political career started and the Pickrick’s demise would begin. Meanwhile the supposed underdog MLK was being promoted up by the press and made to look like a so high and mighty victim. Lester took a stand on what he held dear and as such was forced to shut down his business due to tyrannical federal mandates.

Maddox stood on principle over money while MLK demanded reparations over his supposed dream of a color-blind society. Funny thing is that Maddox hired Blacks and paid them well, even letting them buy food given they came through the back. He just didn’t believe in race mixing and federal tyranny. He believed in property rights and the True American way. MLK on the other hand demanded “gibs” and that private companies should bend to the knee of the various whims and wants of the Black race.

Maddox and son defending their restaurant
Pickrick’s workers, including his black cooks who lost their jobs after the Federal government forced Maddox to shut the Restaurant down

When looking at the two men it should be clear who was the greater man. We can clearly see that Maddox was a man of truth and the true American way of 1776 while MLK is the symbol of the decaying, modern corrupt America. Maddox was a hardworking man who believed in what he fought for and fought foe what he believed. He was an underdog who fought against the powerful establishment with only the Georgia people to back him up. King was backed by academia, the media and the political elite. Michael King, MLK’s real name, is a total and complete con-man and tool of the leftist cultural Marxist of his day. King was a morally debauch individual who is nowhere on the level of man as that of Maddox. Maddox is ten times the man, American, and Georgian than King was. Governor Maddox is the one who deserves the statues and acclaim of “conservative” personalities, not King. He is the one that deserves the title of an honest upright man. The South must throw down the lying MLK’s legacy into the dust bin of history. We don’t need a Marxist degenerate as Georgia’s guru; most Georgians would be quick to change their minds on King if they were actually shown the truth. Instead all they get is the hogwash narrative pushed by the same media and academia that created “Martin Luther King Jr” in the first place.


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