If one thing in the West is taken for granted it certainly must be children. Most people have them at some point but they are never treated as well as they should be. They are not elevated to the importance they deserve. Western women have gone from having four to eight kids on average in the 1800s, to having two to four in the early 20th century, to less than two in our own time. In some countries it has gotten dangerously low to just one child per woman being the average, way below replacement level. Abortion and contraceptives have a lot to do with this but one cannot help but feel that there is a general stigma against children.

The feminists and responsibility-dodgers will tell you that children take away their freedom. They will no longer be able to pursue such hedonistic paths and go clubbing every night. The will no longer be able to hook up with random sexual partners each night; or if they do, they will have to deal with the idea of being a useless, bad parent. Their solution is just to delay the decision to have kids until they are in their mid-30s, at which point it is too late to have more than a few children without much risk.

Why do children get such a bad wrap? Of course they are correct that children will hinder their hedonistic practices, but the assumption that children are all bad is horribly wrong. Sure, in the first few years they are a hassle and have to be constantly looked after. The thing is, all stages in a child’s life come with joy as well as sorrow as the Bible says.

Rebellious and unruly children bring sorrow and frustration, but raised right and correctly, children can and more often than not are the greatest and proudest achievement of the parents. Rightfully so. The issue is that parenting has been neglected and so unruly children run rampant in our society. This gets people thinking about all the horrors of children even though it is really the parent’s fault and usually preventable in some way. Parenting is an art and like art, it can be done wonderfully or horribly.

It is up to you to guide them through the world as they grow and teach them right from wrong. Lead them to the Lord and toward the faith instead of sitting by as they fall into the world like today’s parents.

Children are a blessing and come with great and numerous joys and happiness. They are not to be forsaken and left to their own devices, nor are they to not be had at all. They are to be raised up, not tumbled up. Perhaps our people are just too lazy these days to go through this effort and it certainly seems that way with some. Still, they all tend to regret it once old age hits them and they realize they have nothing to look forward to except death. That hedonistic lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I hate to paint a grim picture for the childless, but that’s really all their lives are. Pointless. They leave behind no legacy and will be forgotten in time. If they are remembered it will only be by a few people with an exception for famous people although even they will be forgotten unless they were a key politician. Think anyone will remember Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon? For the common man the only hope of being remembered and leaving behind a footprint that is noticeable is to have children and raise them right.

God certainly loves children and we should too. They don’t deserve the stereotype of whiny brats, especially when so many are innocent and give off their innocence in the things they do. The left of course won’t accept this, but we don’t need them to. Who needs to accept this is the moderates who have unknowingly fallen into this state of depravity along with the left. They have children and love them to death but typically they have only one and rarely more than two, much less three. To fix the fertility crisis which stands to leave our country desolate and depopulated we must raise the birth rate and an effective way of doing that that cannot be matched is to change the outlook the common people have towards children. We cannot go on despising them or God forbid wishing they were never born. With a mindset like this abortions and the use of contraceptives will rise.

But most people want to have children; issue is, they don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices to have them. They would rather live comfortable lives in their overly expensive apartment in a big city, spending their free time wasting their life away in who knows what instead of working to support a family. They believe it can’t be done it can but they also don’t see children as a good enough motivator to start the struggle to raise a family. They’ll put it off as long as they need. This will not do and the future generations deserve more caring parents than this. Think of how horrible these people will be as parents. Some will be great, I’m sure, but the vast majority won’t give their kids the time of day and while they won’t admit it, will treat them like a nuisance. We are not to think this way as Christians; no, we are to believe the opposite way, believing children are a blessing.

Contrast that to how God treats children. Perhaps we should strive to be like him? Just a thought. Be fruitful.

John 16:21 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

Jefferson Davis and just a portion of his family


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