In the days after the media hysteria over the “boy with the MAGA hat” who smiled at the “indigenous man” we saw the cultural marxists leftists across social media viciously attack and dox high schoolers at a pro life event. Without a care for truth they lambasted and mobbed these boys and even others they mistook for the “MAGA kids”. Across the political spectrum there has been outrage. These leftists’ hoodlums have made statements to the effect that’s it perfectly alright and necessary to harass and threaten these teens for their pro-life and pro-Trump views. I 100% understand why Hunter Wallace on Occidental Dissent is calling the journalists nothing more than fancy and well payed Antifa members. This whole battle is about White boys standing up for themselves against a rotten old Injun and some loud mouth Black nationalists, who by the way CNN called young African men just trying to preach the Bible. The media are, like the President says, enemies of the American people. What else can they or should be called. I also noticed a bunch of Jezebel hags who came down like furious harpies on the MAGA kids. This list included the filthy “porn star” Stormy Daniels who demanded Covington High have a wall built around it. Her own words on twitter were:
“I’m suddenly in favor of building a wall…around Covington Catholic High in KY”,”And let’s electrify it to keep those disgusting punks from getting loose and creating more vileness in society.”
How dare this wretched hag speak such lies about these young boys! What right does she have to speak about vileness and disgustingness? She’s nothing more than an over glorified and over used prostitute who should have been executed years ago by the government for her depravity. I really wish our President would have this sloppy harpy arrested and charged for slander.


Sarah is very angry that these boys stand against whores murdering their babies

We also had a SNL writer, Sarah Beattie, claim over Twitter that she offers oral sex to anyone who punches the MAGA kids. Beattie is just another Jezebel witch who has rebelled against God. Her mere claim should get her thrown behind bars for offering lude sexual acts for a hit on those high school boys. She is quite clearly a women of low morals and principles just from seeing a view of her Instagram pictures alone. I feel she might be experienced in giving sexual favors, perhaps that’s how she attained her SNL job in the first place? Why aren’t the police arresting this loose little harlot? She quite clearly is advocating violence on minors. Even more disgusting is she really seems more mad that these boys would dare want to deny tarts, like herself, to the ability to murder their own offspring. Sarah doesn’t belong in a studio writing scripts but instead at her parents home with a chastity belt locked on her until they can break her of her street walker ways .

Looks like SNL has been getting their writers off the street corners and brothels of America

Then we also had the unhinged red-headed Kathy Griffin who has demanded the MAGA kids be doxed and made to pay for their pro-life views. The wench has a very deep sense of utter obsessive hatred on the President and anyone who supports such him. Griffin is just one of among the many Hollywooders and leftist deviants who want to wage full war on these heroic teens from Kentucky. They want to humiliate and break these young patriots down. This can happen to any of our sons and brothers. We must realize that these people are reprobates and must be dealt with as such. They hate us for being White, they hate us for believing in God’s law, and they hate us for defying their debased ways. We must come to the aid and give all the help we can give to the MAGA kids. They’re going to need it.

Credit for header image goes to Rouxdesjardins


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  1. I support those kids and stand with them
    The kids were there on a field trip when a group of African Americans aproched them calling them names and telling them to go home and then an old native American come up singing a chant and beating a drum telling the kids to go back to Europe . I SUPPORT THE KID !!!

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